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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Demonics

Might as well do another post this evening as I watch my 30-year marriage crumble before my eyes......I

have to do SOMETHING and right now, I can't think of anything more constructive to do.......I sure hope I can save this thing, but I really doubt it, and you know what? I'm not all THAT upset about it.....I love this woman with all my heart, as longtime readers will know, but after threatening me with probably 20 divorces in 30 years, I really don't feel like being bullied anymore......there are as many loose women in Ohio as anywhere else, I am assuming, so, if my desire to mend this thing (AGAIN) doesn't work, I'll be putting out the call for 40+ year old Buckeye sluts!

Here are a pair of good albums from the San Francisco band The Demonics.....they I don't have, nor have I ever heard (I don't think) their 1998 debut "Formaldehyde Injection", but I do have the next two releases, 2000's "Demons on Wheels" and 2002's "Ritual on the Beach".

This was a good band...they combined 60's-era surf with 70's punk and glam to create a fairly unique sound that seemingly, to me, was fairly underappreciated......basically vocalist/guitarist Russ Wright and drummer Amy Cesari, I'd hope you'll check these out as they REALLY are quite good.

"Demons On Wheels" is a good listen all the way through, "She Devils On Wheels" and "Fuel Injected Suicide Machine" standout, but "Ritual on the Beach" is the REAL standout, a really underrated album with standouts like "Bikini Bitch" and "Evil Angel" among the standout, but towering above all is the stellar "California Nightmare", a great song which alone would be worth the price of admission.

Don't really know whatever happened to this band, but these are a pair of good albums they left in their wake.

DEMONS ON WHEELS-01 She Devils On Wheels/02 Anestesiologist/03 Little Honda/04 Dunebuggy Denise/05 Race Against Dawn/06 Purple Hearts/07 Say Ten/08 When You're Dead/09 Pure Hell/10 Dustin the Fuzz/11 Fuel Injected Suicide Machine/12 Motorgeddon/13 Untitled

RITUAL ON THE BEACH-01 Summoning Neptune/02 Ritual on the Beach/03 Mavericks/04 Makaha/05 Sector 9/06 Mother Superior/07 Bikini Bitch/08 Boys Like Me/09 What Happened to the Sun?/10 Evil Angel/11 California Nightmare/12 Aloha Oe




  2. Good luck with however things work out with the wife. 30 years is a long time. Staying together and splitsville each have advantages and disadvantages. Just make the most of whichever happens.

  3. Man, that's painful. My wife and I have been married over 25 years. We're in a rough patch. She's threatened to divorce me, and I've certainly thought about leaving more than once. But there's so much invested in a relationship like that -- time, pleasure, and pain -- and of course the kids. I sometimes wonder if anyone else would put up with my shit. No advice here, just sympathy.

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  5. Formaldehyde Injection is their best release hands down. Hope they are all available in higher quality some day.

  6. your a IDIOT or what? always sharing a fucking DEATH link to download.