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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Malignus Youth

This one is fairly rare, the self titled debut EP from Malingus Youth who hailed from Sierra Vista Arizona. Fast tempo'd hard core punk, I know they released at least one full length (read about it) on which they flesh out their sound with more complex song structures and vocal trade offs, but here we have the raw skin and bones of their minimalistic sound. The band consisted of guitarist/vocalist James Martin, vocalist Octavio Olaje, bassist/vocalist Tom Shelden, and drummer/vocalist Mike Armenta....I think I picked this up when seeing them play in a bar in Arizona year ago, was amazed that they actually had further releases......anyone (maybe in AZ?) have a copy of one of them?

As for this one, speedy, pounding songs that recall maybe The Ramones (only faster!) and a vocal style that is perhaps not unlike Jello Biafra's faster rants in the Dead Kennedys ("Drug Me", for example).......hey, it's rare, it's interesting, and if you don't like it I'd say it is less than ten minutes in total length!

MALIGNUS YOUTH-01 Malignus Youth/02 I Think I Know/03 Go Ahead/04 Again/05 So This Is Life/06 In These Thoughts/07 Power Trip/08 The Only Unknown



  2. Was just talking about this band with a guy I work with that lived in Sierra Vista. He said someone was working on a documentary about the band. Anyways have still never heard 'em, guess I should change that.