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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lonely Kamel Redux

Let me point out a helpful hint..... if you wish to contribute
something. please send the links or text or whatever to my email, if you simply leave them in the comments section, hardly anyone will see them. If you send them to my email, works much better as I can make a full post of it and we can reach a broader audience. Thanks.                            

That being said, in response to my Lonely Kamel post from a few days ago, (their debut album is all I have), a reader named "Studboy" (I don't make em up) has generously given me links to their other three albums.....haven't gotten to listen to them yet, but I should by tomorrow, looking forward to it. In cases you need a reminder, they are a pretty cool stoner rock band from Oslo Norway, consult the original post if you want any more info.......I converted these to zippylinks, just to make sure they were OK, and they are. Thanks, Studboy, don't be a stranger!

BLUES FOR THE DEAD-01 A Tale of a Madman/02 Green Eyed Woman/03 Wasted Time/04 Stick With Your Plan/05 Lady Mushroom/06 A Million Years From Home/07 No More Excuses/08 Blindfolded/09 The Boys/10 The Trip

DUST DEVIL-01 Grim Reefer/02 Evil Man/03 Blues For the Dead/04 Rotten Seed/05 Seventh Son/06
The Prophet/07 Ragnaroker/08 Road Trip With Lucifer/09 Hard to Please/10 Whorehouse Groove

SHIT CITY-01 Shit City/02 White Lines/03 Is It Over/04 I Feel Sick/05 Seal the Perimeter/06 Freezing/07 BFD/08 Falling Down/09 Nightjar

Thanks for the great and surprising submission, links in comment section.

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