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Friday, May 27, 2016

Jack Bond fills a request

(Scott)-Jack Bond responds to a request from Jonder for Murahacibu "Live"...thanks 10000000 times over
for this, and it gives me the opportunity to point out a few things about my beloved contributions to the blog.... .first off, if you have links or text or anything, it is FAR better to email them to me at  than to place them in the comments...... when they are placed in the comments, hardly anyone will see them...... if you email them to me, I can make a post of them and the whole audience will see them.... just trying to help everyone's submissions to get MAXIMUM exposure... in regards to a question Jack poses, other people's links are FINE because I download them, convert them to MY links....usually it's not an issue, but there is one tool who makes a huge deal out of it, little he can say if I convert them to "my" other words, don't give it a thought!

Anyway, as requested by Jonder, here is Murahachibu "Live" ....sorry no track list as the songs names are in Japanese letters that my computer can't reproduce, and I cannot find English translations for them (and too bad, often they are quite a hoot).....anyway, here is the album, anxious to hear it myself, link (MY link) in comments section!



  2. Ultimately we have the sadly-deceased Dirk of the afore-mentioned Cities On Fire With Rock N Roll website to thank for this. What little I know about Japanese rock is all down to him. This band, though, were definitely the best thing he ever turned me on to.

  3. Hey Scott - I always assume everyone on a blog like this is more aware of more music than I am. But finding that Murahachibu weren't as well-known as I thought makes me think perhaps I should mention another great album you might like to investigate if you don't know it. It's called Guitar Absolution In The Shade Of The Midnight Sun by Jesse Harper.
    (This has got nothing to do with JapRock but it's just something that ppl might like to hear if they haven't already).