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Saturday, May 21, 2016


Boring day, dragging out some of this, some of's another obscurity for you from the land of Argentina, who brought us the great Los Natas (you remember Los Natas don't you? one of the great stoner rock bands of all time, on whom I did an extensive multiple part post THAT NONE OF YOU DOWNLOADED, grrrrrr)......anyway, the comparison to Los Natas is obvious here, also Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age......they DO sing in Spanish, I know that is a turn off to some of ya, myself and my homeboy Brian are both huge fans of non-English language (the music HAS to do the talking if the lyrics are in a language you can't understand!), don't miss this one (like you did Los Natas, I posted about 20 or so Los Natas albums (their whole catalogue), I think this one album is the complete works of Santoro, so I implore you to give this a listen.

On this 1999 release, the Santoro lineup was vocalist Jose "El Toppo" Armetta, guitarist Sergio Chotsourian, bassist Gonzalo "Crudo" Villagra, an drummer Gonzalo Espejo. They might not be the most imaginative stoner band ever (hell, maybe they are, too, if I was ambitious enough to translate the lyrics), but they sound great, as I said, very reminiscent of their countrymen Los Natas (seriously, one of my twenty favorite bands of all time in any genre, that's why it amazed me no one bit on it), and the Kyuss/QOTSA comparison is quite accurate as well.

If I am wrong and they DID issue any material after this one, I'd LOVE to hear it......maybe John N or stoner rock kingpin Mark Eveligh (where have YOU been, Mark? Hope all is well) or even my amigo Jose or one of the Spanish all-star blogging team knows something about it.....anyway LISTEN TO THIS it is really good stoner rock, and for what else could one ask?

SANTORO-01 Ya No Hay/02 Germinal/03 Turblorna/04 Me Sangra/05 Cain Y Abel/06 Tutankamon/07 Hay Market/08 Astraliano/09 Aquavulva/10 Marlon Brandon/11 Un Vaso/12 Super 8 Volante

Again, I am HIGHLY recommending this one.  
Don't contact me in 2 years asking for a re-up, get it NOW, you
will like this one! 



  2. Always up for music that I don't have a clue about. Thanks!