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Friday, September 30, 2016

1976 John Peel Punk Rock Special

From 12/10/76, this was an effort from the legendary John Peel to expose the then-infant staged punk rock movement.......the sound quality is a little crude (understatement), but when you look at the talent that is here, and think about what year we are talking about (1976!), you can see that we are dealing with a real gem here, if this is your kinda thing (it IS MY kinda thing, of course)

As to what is Richard Hell & the Voidoid's classic "Blank Generation" ( an all time fave of mine)......The Saints classic "I'm Stranded".......I don't know who needs another copy of the New York Dolls "Personality Crisis", but at least it IS a no-question classic........The Damned and the Ramones each check in with a couple tracks, but let me get past all the obvious stuff.......of course the GEMS here are the stuff Peel included from Tuff Darts, Pere Ubu, and the Fast, as well as smartly throwing in vintage tracks from the Seeds and the Shadows of Knight.

OK, it's KIND OF an incoherent mess, BUT there is some great music here, perhaps a track or two that isn't already in your clutches, and isn't it cool to be in tune with Peel, ca. 1976, when he had his finger on the pulse of where it was all GOING?

NOT an essential release, BUT there is enough good stuff on here that I bet many of you will be happy that you check it out.

JOHN PEEL'S PUNK ROCK SPECIAL-01 THE DAMNED-So Messed Up (Peel Session)/02 THE SEEDS-Pushing Too Hard/03 IGGY & THE STOOGES-Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell/04 EDDIE & THE HOT RODS-Horseplay (Wearier of the Schmaltz)/05 THE DAMNED-Neat Neat Neat/06 RICHARD HELL & THE VOIDOIDS-Blank Generation (EP Version)/07 TELEVISION-Little Johnny Jewel Part 1/08 TUFF DARTS-Slash/09 PERE UBU-Final Solution/10 THE DAMNED-New Rose (Peel Session)/11 THE SEX PISTOLS-Anarchy In the UK/12 THE FAST-Boys Will Be Boys/13 NEW YORK DOLLS-Personality Crisis/14 THE SAINTS-I'm Stranded/15 THE DAMNED-Stab Your Back (Peel Session)/16 SHADOWS OF KNIGHT-Light Bulb Blues/17 THE RAMONES-California Sun/18 THE RAMONES-I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You



  2. aw--it's friday and I have some new punk rock and some new Peggy Lee to listen to. Gonna be a good night.