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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Jonder's Back With a Refused Album

(scott)-Well,  you can pretty much read all the details of this submission below, if you recall, I posted the
really fab "The Shape of Punk to Come" sometime last week, it's a really good one, go check it out if you didn't......this effort ("Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent") was released (1996) prior to "Shape".......I've not heard it, likely it'll be popping up in the rotation soon, but, once again, how about the incredible job done by all the amazing people who contribute stuff here? Oftentimes it's damn near amazing the stuff people find or have in their stashes.......that's how we roll, and the door is still WIDE open.....if you have anything interesting, rare, or just that you really like, by all means.....share it with the blogosphere, right here! Thanks to Jonder, one of the longest-term contributors on the blog who ALWAYS comes up with interesting stuff!
Hi Scott, here's another album by Refused to go with The Shape Of Punk To Come, which you posted last week.  This one is called Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent (1996), and it is the Refused album that came out before The Shape Of Punk To Come (1998).

As a whole, this album isn't as good as Shape Of Punk To Come, but "Coup d'Etat" explodes with righteous anger and killer riffs.  MetallicaCREDITED The Shape Of Punk To Come as a major influence.  

LINK: (320 kps)

PS - Refused got back together a couple years ago to play The Shape Of Punk To Come on tour, and they made aNEW album in 2015 called Freedom

SONGS TO FAN THE FLAMES OF DISCONTENT-01 Rather Be Dead/02 Coup D'Etat/03 Hook Line and Sinker/04 Return to the Closet/05 Life Support Addiction/06 It's Not OK/07 Crusader of Hopelessness/08 Worthless is the Freedom Bought/09 This Trust Will Kill Again/10 Beauty/11 Last Minute Pointer/12 The Slayer

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