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Friday, September 16, 2016

Jon S with another Sonic Youth "tangent", Harry Crews

(soctt), gotta say I have no knowledge of the material here, but the Sonic Youth post has been one of the most popular EVER (really), and related material (Free Kitten) seems to be going over big too......soo here's one more, thanks to Jon S, we have to be close to getting MOST of em!
I'd meant to post this along with Sonic Youth but forgot. Its loud and shitty but in a good way. 

Harry Crews - Naked In Garden Hills

01 About The Author/02 Man Hates A Man/03 Distopia/04 You're It/05 Gospel Singer/06 Knockout Artist/07 (She's In A) Bad Mood/08 The Way Out/09 Bring Me Down/10 Car/11 S.O.S./12 Orphans

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