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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sonic Youth taking over the blog!

As I said at the time of my posting Jon S' amazing original Sonic Youth post, I thought that it was
perhaps the greatest colletion of Sonic Youth material ever assembeled, in stating that i really WANS'T making that statement in the context of "wow, I wonder if this is tht greatest collection of Sonic Youth material ever assemeled anywhere?" Rather it was just a flip comment,
but consider the Free Kitten and Harry Crews that have been up since and now THIS????????? Well, I'd sure like to see the more comprehensive Sonic Youth collection than what we have here now.

As far as I know, Lorcanwhite has not contributed here in the past, if he has, I'm sorry......but, according to him, he's been hoarding Sonic Youth singles, EP's, oddities forever and he has quite a stack.....well, indeed he does. It's taken me a while to download it, but I have it now, to share with you, and it is so vat and varied that i'm going to have to break it up into probaby 4-5 posts, but since the other Sonic Youth stuff has been so successful, I am sure you diehards will want these too.......

Thanks to Lorcanwhie, great share, and if you have anything else of interest, PLEASE DON'T BE A STRANGER.....this blog THRIVES on the contributions of great people like your self, who actually LEARNED the lessons of "sharing" as a child. Amazing how few did....

The sections will be titled Lorcanwhite's Sonic Youth Supplement, Part ___, don't get confused, boy-0, but this one will serve as "part 1"! So I know you all been diggin the "Yout' ", and look forward to comments on these (mainly are you as stunned as me that there is SO MUCH MORE stuff available than the original posts here.....Well, at various times in the past, The Doors, Throbbing Gristle, The Descendents (now!), and a couple of more have taken over the blog for a short time, when there is a good buzz about someone.....seems to be with Sonic Youth, and I'm happy to presnt more.

By the way these files appear in NO particular order, just keep watching them if you are waiting for something specifdic. Hope ya like, I got a couple more things for today, may take tonight/tomorrow off (Ohio State-Okalhoma tonight, and the VIKINGS first game in thier new stadium vs. Green bay tomorrow night! My son is supposed tomorrow, so unless he has something for me to post, it may be clear til Monday. Hope I've lft you enough stuff to keep you half-amused until then. Probably a couple more things today, though, so all is well, I hope..

THE MIRA TAPES LIVE-01 Mote/02 Song For Karen (Tunic)/03 Dirty Boots/04 Chappel Hill North Carolina/05 I Love Her All the Time/06 Merry Christmas/07 Kool Thing/08 Expressway/09 spot Sez Christ

LITTLE TROUBLE GIRL 7"-01 Be My Arena/02 The Diamond Sea/03 Teenage Buudhist Daydream

KOOL THING SINGLE-01 Kool THing/02 That's all I Know/03 Dirty Boots (Rock N Roll heaven
version)/04 Kool Thing (8 Track Demo Version)

THURSTON MOORE SPLIT WITH KYLIE MINOISE, TUSCO TERROR, AND WETHER-01 Moore-Noise Virgin/02 MINOISE-CCTV Lacertaion/03 MINOISE-Free Twisted Filth/04TUSC0- I./05 TUSCO -II./06 Tusco-III./07 WETHER- Soairithenge

THURSTON MOORE-SULFER (TABLE OF ELEMENTS 16) Single-01 Starfield Wild/02Earth Amp/03 Blindfold


  1. MIRA


  2. SPLIT