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Friday, September 16, 2016

John N with good new indie punk

From Philadelphia, we have Beach Slang, with their album "A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings"......I know them slightly, I know they have had some well-regarded EP's.....anyway, I carpet bombed their debut full length, it is pretty good damn good (if you LIKE buzzing guitars, tortured vocals, and machine gun rhythms.....I do recommend this, ESPECIALLY to people that say there is no good rock being released anymore....I try to put fine examples of good NEW rock up here at least weekly, alongside the classics, etc......there IS good rock n roll coming out these days, and Beach Slang are among the practitioners.....

A LOUD BASH OF TEENAGE FEELINGS-01 Future Mixtape For the Art Kids/02 Atom Bomb/03 Spin the Dia/04 Art Damage/05 Hot Tramps/06 Punks In a Disco Bar/07 Wasted Daze of Youth/08 Young Hearts/09 The Perfect High/10 Warpaint

The review/description that john N sent along seems to say it all and be quite informative, so if you wish to read it click here:

The music file is in the comments section. As always, with new releases, ya NEVER know, so if interested, maybe act quickly......often bands of this variety are happy for the exposure, but every once in a while ya get one, and, as policy, ONE COMPLAINT and it is removed no trust your instincts.

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