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Friday, September 16, 2016

A huge favorite of mine-November-second time posted

Yep, November is a fave of mine since forever, brilliant hard-meal/prog from the great land of Sweden......I posted these four albums a couple of years back, I assume they are long gone, but these albums are so great they need to live forever...November was a spectacular band, If I was wanting to earn "Cute Points", I likely would have waited until the calendar actually struck November (I'm guessing I did that last time, forgive me, I knew not how stupid it sounded)......but I challenge you, flat out, to tell me that November is not a total kickass, slamming, banging, prog/metal band.......oh you don't like the non-English vocals? Well, we've been down that road...I LOVE EM....lets the music do the talking, and November have some brilliant music in their catalogue.

The first album, "En Ny Tid Ar har", which features the brilliant "Mount Everest" the minimum this is a 4 star album, brilliant playing, rocking hard as fuck, AND wonderful Swedish NOT allow non-English language rock n roll deter you, as I have warned you before......this shit is among the great hard rock album of the early 70's, which is saying something.

The second release, 1971's "2:a November" is every bit as good...I'll tell you this band sat perfectly between the metal/pre-stoner rock of the early 70's AND the remarkable Krautrock that dominated the era to a degree.....yes, this album is remarkable too.

Next they released "6:e November", which is a gem as like fuck as well, does not skip a beat from the previous releases......NOT singing in English cost this band greatly, as they COULD HAVE BEEN one of the all time greats, and, in my book, they are anyway.......I cannot stress how much you Yanks (I am one too ya know) need to disregard the non-english lyrics, that is the ONLY thing that provided a barrier for them......

One of the great hard rock bands of all time......I tried once before to get the audience in tune with them, well, I am trying once of the great hard rock bands of them all, PLEASE do not miss, sand PLEASE do not ask me about it in 2018.........

EN NY TID AR HAR-01 Mount Everest/02 En Annan Varid/03 Lek att du ar bqarn Igne/04 Sekunder
(Forvandlas till Ar)/05 En Enkel Sang om dej/06 Varje gang jag ser kanns det lika skont/07 Grona blad/08 Attonde/09 Ta ett Steg i Sagans land/10 Balett Blues

NOVEMBER 2:a-01 sista resan/02 Men mitt hjarta ska vsara gjort av sten/03 Asthamahgurchk- den fjottegangere/04 Mina fotspar fylls av vatten/05 En lang dag ar over/06 Mouchkta (Drommen om Malin)/07 Pa vog/08 Ganska langt fran Sergel/09 Och sa en morgon/10 En ny tid ar har

NOVEMBER 6:e-01 Starka Tillsammans/02 februari/03 Runt I Cirklar/04 Rodluvan/05 Sa Svart Att Lamna Dig/06 Allt genom Dej/07 Jorden Grater/08 Kommer Langssmt/09 Vannerna De Dvra

NOVEMBER LIVE-01 Langt Frant Sergel/02 Tillbaks Till Stockholm/03 Allt Genom Dig/04 Mouchta (Drommen On Malen)/05 Mina Fotspar Fyls av Vatten/06 Kommer Langsmat/07 Sekunder/08 Attonde/09 Mina Fotspar Fyls av Vatten/10 Tillbaks till Stockholm/11 Allt Genom Dig

This is one of my favorite bands, EVER, please check out, become familiar, and DO NOT DISS (well, if you really WANT TO ya can), but seriously, one of my favorite bands of them all, they were great, and if you check them out, PLEASE tell me how "right" I am.....this is GREAt fucking music, DO NOT be put off by the non-english vocals,,,,,,,ALL of these are "must haves" if you love the same hard/heavy rock that i do.........


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  2. Very cool man, more people should know about November. I've posted about them over four years ago -

  3. Truly great material after a first listen. Amazing it was unknown to me. It's been a while since I dig this kind of music heavily, but I will immerse myself into it with exclusive heavy rotation of one album first, the way it should be done. Thanks a lot for the effort and love you put into all of this. Greetings from Chile.