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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Last of Lewwd's Descendents boots

(scott) Yep, last of his Descendent's boots, but he has already sent me a bunch of OTHER cool punk boots
that will be thrilling you for the next couple of weeks.......this guy has been a great contributor and I hope he continues, he's got some truly dope-ass shit!

MILO GETS BOOTLEGGED-01 Your Face/02 Wendy/03 Doug Rides a Skateboard/04 Kids On Coffee/05 Enjoy/06 Green/07 Innconue/08 Vinne/09 It's a Hectic World/10 Gotta/11 Shattered Milo/12 Lucky/13 Here With me/14 I Quit/15 Innconue

EVERYTHING SUCKS DEMOS-01 I'm the One/02 Wrong Bed/03 Until Then/04 Everything Sucks/04 let Me Let You Down/06 When I Get Old/07 Silence/08 If You Only Knew/09 Good As My Word/10 Never Again/11 Caught/12 Vida Blue/13 Thank You/14 Someone New/15 Sick-O-Me/16 Hateful Notebook/17 She Loves Me/18 Destroy Everyone/19 Away She Went

I DON"T WANNA GET BOOTLEGGED-01 Shattered /02 Promise/3 Vidi Vici vini (aka Pump My Balls)/04 Green

RAREAGE!-01 Like the Way I Know/02 Doug Rides a Skateboard/03 Veni Vidi Vici/04 Silver (Live)/05 Silence (demo)/06 Lucky/07 Shattered Milo/08 Gotta/09 Grand Theme/10 Sad State of Affairs

STILL HUNGRY-(RADIO TOKYO VENICE)-01 Your Face/02 Wendy/03 Doug Rides a Skateboard/04 Kids on Coffee/05 Enjoy/06 Green/07 Sour Grapes/08 Vinnie (9/14/85 Wabash Hall, San
Diego)/09 Theme/10 Descendents/11 I Don't Want to Grow Up/12 Kabuki Girl/13 Good Clean Girl/14
Pervert/15 My Dad Sucks/16 Weinerschnitzel/17 Mr. Bass/18 Silly Girl/19 Good Good Things/20 Hope/21 Bikeage/22 X-mas Vacation/23 Wendy/24 My Age/25 Marriage/26 Suburban Home/27 I'm Not a Punk/28 Rock Star/29 No FB/30 I Want to Be a Bear/31 I'm Not a Loser

Thanks for allt his great shit Lewdd, looking forward to the other rare punk boots you sent......hope like hell you send MORE eventually, I WILL get them up, I promise!

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