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Friday, September 16, 2016

I Am Thief

Well, John N sent me this recent release from I Am Thief.....I have never heard of them, AND I don't think the album "Great Expectations" is that great either.......not BAD, but no future classic for sure. However, what are we doing here anyway? Well, I do WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT (That is my "Concept/format")......This album did little for me BUT I don't have at this moment a whole lot of guest submittals, so I AM going to put this one up as well, as some of you most likely will enjoy it.......pretty basic, mid tempo semi-hard rock, in my book, can't even think of anything to compare it to, but it IS listenable, just not one that struck me as an immediate "good one".......hey dive in, that is why we be here, motherfucker.

GREAT EXPECTATIONS-01 Time and Place/02 Don't Wake Me/03 Steps/04 Into Space/05 Pride/06 Way Down Inside/07 Eyes/08 Different/09 Here I Am/10 Change

Decent enough listen, no future classic here, i'm afraid but EVERYTHING doesn't HAVE TO BE!

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