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Friday, September 30, 2016

Devil City Angels

Another loaner from my burnout buddy Spider, here are Devil City Angles, with a 2015 release, which has a real mid 80's/early 90's hairband/glam metal throwback sound to it.....the band consisted of guitarist Traci Lords (of LA Guns), drummer Rikki Rocket (formerly of Poison), bassist Eric Brittingham (late of Cinderella), and, finally, guitarist Brandon Gibbs of Cheap Thirlls......a veritable "anti-supergroup" for my dough, but this is NOT a bad hard rock album.......I never thought there would be a demand for throwback to the late 80's Guns N Roses scene (GNR I thought were pretty great, a lot of the other bands on that scene, notably Poison,  but also a lot of the others sucked the big one).....but this really does havea something of a nostalgic feel to it, for whatever that is worth.

Pretty fair glam-metal, A LOT like Guns N Roses or Cinderella, or whatever late 80's glam band you wish to name.......not likely to be listed on ANYONE'S "all time top albums" list, but it is NOT bad, worth a listen in your car stereo...."I'm Living" is a decent riff-rocker, "Ride With Me" brings some GNR to mind, NO ONE is going to call this a classic, (except maybe burnout Spider, which doesn't count), but once in a while we need a bit of variety.

Does rock, too, at the least.

DEVIL CITY ANGELS-01 Numb/02 All My People/03 Boneyard/04 I'm Living/05 No Angels/06 Goodbye Forever/07 Ride With Me/08 All I Need/09 Back to the Drive/10 Bad Decisions

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