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Monday, September 26, 2016

Welcome to the working week.....more Sonic Youth-stuff!

(scott)- Again, another batch of Sonic Youth and related works from the fab Lorcanwhite collection.......the
man has some great stuff to share, and I am glad to do hear ya go, there will be a few more rounds of this stuff, and THEN, I hope he has more cool shit to share with us!

STICK ME DONNA SINGLE-01 Stick Me Donna Majik Momma/02 Making the Nature Scene

THE GOOD AND THE BAD SINGLE-01 The Good and The Bad/02 Where the Red Fern Grows

(This One Listed As "Unknown Artist/Unknown Album/Unknown Tracks).....personally have not listened to it yet, some one chexck it and let me know what it's about. 19 Tracks, hope it's great! Certainly something Sonic Youth-related, so, it's gotta be SOMETHING right??!!??

DIM STARS EP-01 She Wants to Die/02 All My Witches Come True/03 Memo To Marty/04 Monkey/05 Natchez Burning/06 Stop Breaking Down/07 Baby Huey (Do You Wanna Dance)/08 The Night Is Coming Down/09 Downtown at Dawn/10 Try This/11 Stray Cat Generation/12 Rip Off



    GOOD single

    unknown album


  2. No comment whatever on the artistic value of the "unknown" bit - for some this may be a set of holy grails, for others scraps from the cutting room floor...
    My notes on cursory listening as an approach towards a tracklist. Maybe someone can add something.

    01 - "Personality crisis"
    02 - 15 sec noise
    03 - noisy instrumental
    04 - lo-fi mexican demo "sonic youth is all there is"
    05 - "kill yr idols" live
    06 - "silver rocket" live
    07 - "Bubblegum" from Starpower single
    08 - 10 min - tr1 no idea - "psycho mafia" (Peel 88) - "rowche rumble" (Peel 88) vinyl boot

    09 - yet another "kill yr idols", low-fi studio demo?
    10 - some track with "knocking at my door", Kim Gordon vox
    11 - instrumental drone then Kim Gordon vox in Raga mode
    12 - "now i wanna be your dog" (I have this recording listed as Amsterdam 89)
    13 - "Touch me I'm sick"
    14 - no such track
    15 + 16 "Teenage riot" studio
    17 - "Kissability"
    18 - "Making the nature scene" live
    19 - "Expressway to your skull"

    1. Thank you for the help sir, again, exactly what we need more of in the world, folks helping each other and sharing what they have be it music or knowledge. Again thank you, it means a lot in the context of big picture.