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Monday, September 12, 2016

Tremendous new release

Kind of didn't want to put the artist's name in the title, but this is SOOOOOO fucking good, I had no choice but to post it......from John N (of course) comes this amazing collection of Jack White's accoustic tracks.....of course, I'm a long time Jack White/White Stripes fan (one of the best live shows I've seen was The Jack White Band with my son Grant a couple of years ago), and I consider him, along with maybe Dave Grohl and of course the ladies of Sleater Kinney, to be among the small cluster of what I consider the musical geniuses of the post 2000 era.........anyway, I ALWAYS am up for some new jack White recordings  (again, ala the Beatles post below, if this interests you, MAYBE you might wish to hurry up, just saying)

Fine collection of stuff, I predict this will go over pretty big......just please, if this gets pulled, it won't be back, so give it some thought. From a long-time White Stripes mega-fan!

ACCOUSTIC TRACKS 1998-2016-01 Sugar Never Tasted So Good (White Stripes)/02 Apple Blossom (White Stripes) (remixed)/03 I'm Bound to pack it Up (White Stripes) (remixed)/04 Hotel Yorba (White Stripes)/05 We're Going to be Friends (White Stripes)/06 You've Got Her In Your Pocket (White Stripes)/07 Well It's True That We Love One Another (White Stripes)/08 Never Far Away (Jack)/09 Forever For her (Is Over For Me) (White Stripes)/10 White Moon (The White Stripes)/11 As ugly As I seem (White Stripes)/12 City Lights (White Stripes) (Previously Unreleased)/13 Honey We Can't Afford to Look This Cheap (White Stripes)/14 Effect and Cause (White Stripes)/15 Love the Truth (Jack) (Acoustic Mix)/16 Top Yourself (The Raconteurs) (Bluegrass Version)/17 Carolina Drama  (The Raconteurs) (Acoustic Mix)/18 Love Interruption (Jack)/19 On an On an On (Jack)/20 Machine Gun Silhouette (Jack) ( Acoustic Mix)/21 Blunderbuss (Jack)/22 Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy (Jack) (Alternate Mix)/23 I Guess I Should Go To Sleep (Jack) (Alternate)/24 Just One Drink (Jack) (Acoustic Mix)/25 Entitlement (Jack)/26 Want and Able (Jack)

Plenty of gems here, obviously, mostly though the previously unreleased White Stripes track "City I said, you might want to act quickly, just in case.......


  1. part 1

    part 2

  2. Pretty Effing fresh rips, buddy! Just heard about these on the radio two days ago. Supposed to be excellent. Thanks for the trial!