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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Rebel Flesh

(scott) sent to me from the vast archive of John N, we have some new punk from Rebel Flesh, their new LP "Holds You Tight" is a rocking-ass retro-punk effort, reminding me of the Misfits or Dead Boys, great stuff, like stepping into a time machine for 1978.........good damn album here, if you are a punk fan, and, as I've said before, really, if you AREN'T, why, really, are you here? Check out that kick-ass tune "Horror Queen"....this is a good one, at least it clicked for me, see what it does for you!

HOLDS YOU TIGHT-01 Kiss of Blood/02 the Looker/03 Horror Queen/04 Sydney's Kiss/05 Loveless/06 Pentagram Hand/07 Only Tonight/08 Without You/09 Machine Called Death/10 Evangalista/11 Night Streets/12 Star Crossed Crawlers/13 Venom and Vile/14 Black Days Baby

This is a good one, IMO........see what ya think I guess!

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