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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Doors Days Are Over

This is the end of the monster Doors post, 26 parts......what remains are some singles, I have pasted them together as something of an "album".......some of the tracks below are live, mono mixes, demos, etc, and I'd tell you which was which but I lost the fucking notes. So it goes. The Vikings are 2-0.

THE DOORS DAYS ARE OVER-01 Break on Through/02 Light My Fire/03 Light My Fire/04 Soul Kitchen/05 Moonlight Drive/06 Who Do You Love/07 Who Do You Love/08 Who Do You Love/09 People are Strange/10 Light My Fire/11 People are Strange/12 Light My Fire/13 Jim Morrison Scrapbook



  2. Thank you for the Doors postings. Some of it I needed, some I did not. I appreciate your efforts regarding this Blog, and look forward to whats next. Thanks again.