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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Death To False Metal Comp

I was going to quit for today but I remembered that my old stoner buddy Spider had given me this one, and
it's pretty cool for what it is......what we have here is a batch of metal covers, done up GG Alin-style (if that is inaccurate, I could do).....

Not for the faint of heart, but certainly not lacking in charm.......wait, for example, until you hear, for example, of Muscle Bitches' desecration (that word could be used often in a comprehensive review of this album) of "Balls to the Wall"..........maybe Schlong's take on Ratt's "Round and Round"........or what about what Betty's Love Child do to Iron Maiden's classic "The Trooper"

Ok, you will adore this, or you will hate it to the point of "I'll NEVER read your fucking shitty blog again!" be it, I often like stuff like this. It's a listenable album, NOT one I am ever putting in heavy rotation, BUT, if you brought your sense of humor with you today, this MIGHT just be what the pharmacist ordered......please let me know, even if you hate it, that is why we are all here for......

DEATH TO FALSE METAL-01 FUCKFACE-Welcome to Hell/02 KRUPTED PEASANT FARMERS-Motorbreath/03 BETTYS LOVE CHILD-The Trooper/04 RUDIMENTS-Red Hot/05 LIMECELL-into the Crypts of Rays/06 LOPEZ-You Can't Stop Rock N Roll/07 SCHLONG-Round and Round/08 ONE EYE OPEN-Public Enemy #1/09 YOUR MOTHER-Freewheel Burnin'/10 BAR FEEDERS-Blackout/11 MUSCLE BITCHES-Balls to the Wall/12 RANDY-Kiss Me Deadly/13 SLACKJAW-Cheyenne/14 HICKEY-Kingdom Come/15 TOWEL-Running Free/16 LOST GOAT-Burn in Hell/17 FUCKEMOS AND PISS-Procreation of the Wicked/18 BUSRIDER-See You in Hell/19 AFTER DINNER SLEEP-Rainbow in the Dark

This was actually quite a joy to listen to, surprisingly so, but it's really a lot of fun.......I THINK John N sent
this to me, I'm not certain, but I had a copy anyway, so John N, thanks if you sent it, and if you didn't, thanks just for ALL YOU DO!

Now, once again, seems like a wonderful time to thank the people who contribute here....I've listed them a million times, and I'm not going to again right now, BUT I absolutely could not do the things I do here without not only my regular team of helpers, BUT also the others who "get it".......meaning, "get" what we are doing, and my thanks includes (especially this time) the bands/musicians that submit their bandcamp or similar links so MORE PEOPLE CAN HERE THEIR MUSIC........but I also wish to thank the "non-regular" contributors, the recent REM boots for example have been a real addition........we TRY to stay a little bit ahead, we have a few things lined up for you in the near future.....wait until you hear Brian's latest cover project, two BAD ASS discs of Leonard Cohen tracks, I've previewed it, and you will not be disppointed.....but I really DO LOVE all the submissions, be they from regular "team members" or random contributors with something cool in thier stash. This is what makes us what we are, it's not ME trust's all of the incredible contributions........please, please, keep them coming, as you may or may not know, for the last several months my personal life has been something of a disaster, I thank Madame Angela (a semi-regular contributor, of course) for basically saving my life and keeping me sane, but I also thank everyone who helps out here, because, believe it or not, this fucking lame-ass blog ALSO helps to keep me sane......and, as I said, I couldn't make it what it is without the contributions......I know I REALLY DO thank my team a LOT, but they deserve it. I personally think (could be wrong) that we have a good and unique blog here, and I REALLY enjoy doing it, trust me (keeps me focused), and all I can say is thanks NOT ONLY to the contributors, but also to the people who simply read, listen, share, ALSO help us make it what is, and you deserve thanks as well.

Thanks to everyone who hangs out here, trust me, I appreciate you more than the reverse......please check the (earlier) Kratom post and maybe follow up, I am trying to help defend the freedoms that you enjoy, whether or not you have had the Kratom experience or not.........if you've followed me for a while, you certainly know that I have ALWAYS championed the individual rights of EVERYONE, even when it is highly UNpopular (trust me, defending Nazi-rock can be a challenge).........anyway, I love you all.....we have more great shit planned for you in both the near and distant future.

FUCKING OHHHHHHHHHHH.........their defense is about as good as it gets, not that they are a championship contender (they literally have ZERO offense), but I thought the football season was going to be a TOTAL disaster (if you'd told me a month ago that the Vikes would be without Teddy Bridgewater AND Adrian Peterson and even fucking Matt Kalil for the season, I would have asked for the name of your fucking dealer.......and here the fuckers are 3-0........sorry, this is NOT a sports/football blog, but I love Vikings football (and OHIO S

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