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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Psychedelic Avengers

(scott) I am not familiar with this one, John N sends it with the zillions of great links he sends, I thought it sounded quite interesting, I guess we can all find out the notes below, I personally thought it sounded like something that the crowd here might like to experience, I guess we will see......thanks John N, and here are the notes so you can decide if this is for you or not!
1-1Alia X. Navarro De La Paz / Cactus Cooper / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Julian Auringer / Masta Cinobah*Q*In Which The 2nd Intergalactic Fleet Of The Decterian Blood Empire Materializes On The Eastern Edge Of The Milky Way
1-2Urlaub In Polen / Funk Star t~m°ssull°sAs Darkness Spreads
1-3Vibravoid / E.stonji / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / *Q*Schiff Der Toten
1-4Stonedudes / Bibi Passion / Funk Star t~m°ssull°sMasta Cinobah / NebelherzThe Call OfTHE PSYCHIC AVENGER
1-5FreaKnob / Funk Star t~m°ssull°sThe Tears Of The Lyehsis
1-6Alia X. Navarro De La Paz / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s /Julian Auringer / *Q* / RobustusIn Which NAN-7 Sneaks Inside The Decterian Research Laboratories On Moon KU-03
1-7Anders Becker / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / RotoskopNo Love - Anthrozis Su'ube's Lament
1-8Cactus Cooper / Didi - Hardest Soundworker In The Universe / Masta CinobahMit Dem Polyphonen Herold Durch Den Chromatischen Äther
1-9Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Hypnos 69A Spy Named Vela Brown
1-10Alia X. Navarro De La Paz / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s /Sölvi Silver's Warchestra Feat. Sgt. RenegadeThe Guardian Angel
1-11Masta Cinobah / *Q*The Floyterian Mindexpander Is Still Working
1-12HamburgedelicSpacebabalooba - At The Psychedelic Avengers Academy
1-13Zone Six / Sula Bassana / Cactus Cooper / Cyman Lee / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Masta Cinobah1st Mission: Planet Mirgg
1-14Cactus Cooper / Dryland / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s /Masta Cinobah / Misses CinobahThe Story Of Crüüb Pilot Hunter And Lt. Annifer Dubay
1-15Cactus Cooper / Masta CinobahHunter's Despair
1-16Alia X. Navarro De La Paz / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s /Man vs NatureIn Which The Colony On Penubis 5 Is Being Completely Annihilated By Decterian Blood Demons
Live Broadcast From The Psychedelic Avengers Space Experience At The "Hallenden Hangars Von Hanamond" On Topkap-IX
1-17Cyman Lee / Disco Darlings / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / RobustusDisco Darlings - Transport Problems In Hyperspace
1-18Yru Bouernad From Planet Jannit / Alia X. Navarro De La Paz / Funk Star t~m°ssull°sYru Bouernad From Planet Jannit - Speech
1-19Yru Bouernad From Planet Jannit / Bibi Passion /Cyman Lee / Disco Darlings / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Masta Cinobah / Matmosphere / Nebelherz /RobustusXentru Quinturrs And His Wobbling Hulloo Buulus - For The Freedom Of Our Galaxy
1-20Alia X. Navarro De La Paz / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s /Julian AuringerThe Blood DemonsATTACK ON CAMP Doguath...
1-21Anders Becker / FreaKnob / Funk Star t~m°ssull°sAnd The Tragic Fate Of Pilot Jessica Choxcovij
2-1Sula Bassana / Stefan Koglek / Dark Sun (3)A Little Gravitron Tells It's Tale
2-2Alia X. Navarro De La Paz / Anders Becker / Masta CinobahInside The Ancient Techamid Of The Mutant Monks
2-3Anders Becker / Cyman Lee / Disco Darlings /Electric Orange / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Julian Auringer / *Q* / RobustusDie Chrono-Spatiale Rückkopplungsschleife Wird Entkoppelt
2-4Angry Baboon GodThe Last Space Station
2-5Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Sascha KubiakManhunt Through Junxtion Central
2-6Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Liquid Sound Company /Masta CinobahDr.Bregury Accidentally Slips, Cervil Voluntarily Trips, Franky Astonishingly Lits And The Memeron Finally Fits
2-7Cactus Cooper / Masta Cinobah / Sölvi Silver's Warchestra Feat. Sgt. RenegadeThe Flight Of The Silver Moon
2-8Yru Bouernad From Planet Jannit / Stonedudes /Anders Becker / Cyman Lee / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / RobustusA Secret Meeting AtTHE HARBIIES ON Bebulas
From The Diary Of Jiun-Chaa
2-9Cactus Cooper / Electric Orange / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Julian AuringerThe Arc Of Light In The Eternal Dark Of Night, The Loneliness And The "Flirrende Weisse Sturm"
2-10Gregor Hennig / Rene Gleitsmann / Sebastian HornVoices In The Dark, The Madness And The Death Of An Immortal Sungod
2-11Sula Bassana / E.stonji / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s /Masta Cinobah / Niag Aragain"Welcome" Said The Slubberian Slubber Gooze As It Smashed Mantilies Head To Pieces
2-12Bibi Passion / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / *Q*They've Broken Through On The 20th Moon Of The Kaobigoo, Or As Captain Herb P.Croudak Lost His Mind
2-13Alia X. Navarro De La Paz / Dark Sun (3) / Funk Star t~m°ssull°sThe Rage Of Of The Regris
2-14Stonedudes / Nation Of ClangBig Whale's Burger
2-15Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Julian AuringerThe Gathering
2-16Anders Becker / Funk Star t~m°ssull°sThe PsychedelicAVENGERS Theme
2-17Masta Cinobah / *Q*The "Flirrende Weisse Sturm" Is Being Unleashed
2-18Sula Bassana / Marble Sheep / Masta Cinobah /Sebastian HornCounterattack: Decterian Blood
2-19Cactus Cooper / Didi - Hardest Soundworker In The Universe / Funk Star t~m°ssull°s / Masta CinobahMit Dem Polyphones Herold Durch Den Chromatischen Äther - Reprise
2-20Knarf Rellöm & Die Ausserplanetarische Opposition* / Masta CinobahKnarf Rellöm Trifft Den Polyphonen Herold



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  3. Hey Scott, the Zippyshare link contains CD #2, but where is CD #1?

  4. Hmmmmm, yes I fucked it up, I only posted one dic AND THEN I accidentally deleted the file.....John N can you be a great guy and resend me the link? (I will also send him a personal email to see if he can do so, in case he doesn't see bad, 100000% my fault)

  5. Thanks for all you do, Scott! Great blog!

  6. did anyone notice that ELECTRIC ORANGE is in this amalgam of bands participating in this monster collection???? WOW

  7. Any news on finding that second disc of music?

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