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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Something of a Pixies mini-collaboration

So how this one worked is, the band in question, with whom I'd hope you were familiar, have a new release
entitled "Head Carrier"(I think it comes out tomorrow, 9/30/16, the same day FUCKING KRATOM BECOMES ILLEGAL GRRRRRRRRRR, LONG-ass story there, don't get me started),  which features new bassist  Paz Lenchantin doing a fine job of replacing the legend that is Kim Deel (Did I ever tell you about the threesome I had with Kim Deel and her twin sister Kelly? I didn't? Hmmmmmm......well, maybe it was just a dream or something).....anyway, neither myself nor John N would have any clue as to where we may find this album, you'll have to look for it, you know how I feel about posting newer releases!

Anyway, The Pixies were featured in a VERY comprehensive post here a year or three back, with all their albums, bootlegs, the whole deal (or "Deel" ha ha, damn I am clever) like I used to do so much more often than I do these days.......not going to redo that whole effort right now, maybe sometime, BUT in celebration of the new release John N sends us crispy clean versions of the classics "Come On Pilgrim" and the legendary "Surfer Rosa" ("Surfer Rosa" is my son Grant's favorite album.....about a year ago he started "working" on a covers project of that the best I can estimate, he has completed, oh, zero tracks of it) the original post these two albums were vinyl rips, might as well replace them with something outta the digital age.......thanks John N.

I've also got a Pixies tribute album I've been sitting on this one for a little while, so I may as well present this as a "collaboration" between John N and myself......."Where Is My Mind" is a fairly fab Pixies tribute, with artists such as David Bowie, Local H, Superdrag, and lots more.

Anybody got any rare Pixies boots or anything? Be as good a time as any to share em up........if there is a
ton of interest I could re-up the other albums, the boots that I DO have, "Death to the Pixies", etc, but for now enjoy this non-comprehensive Pixies collaboration between myself and John N, whom didn't even know he was collaborating.

HEAD CARRIER-01 Head Carrier/02 Classic Masher/03 Baal's Back/04 Might as  Well Be Gone/05 Oona/06 Talent/07 Tenement Song/08 Bel Esprit/09 All I Think About Now/10 Um Chagga Lagga/11 Plaster of Paris/12 All the Saints

COME ON PILGRIM-01 Caribou/02 Vamos/03 Isla de Encanta/04 Ed Is Dead/05 The Holiday Song/06 Nimrod's Son/07 I've Been Tired/08 Levitate Me

SURFER ROSA-01 Bone Machine/02 Break My Body/03 Something Against You/04 Broken Face/05 Gigantic/06 River Euphrates/07 Where Is My Mind/08 Cactus/09 Tony's Theme/10 Oh My Golly!/11 Vamos/12 I'm Amazed/13 Brick is Red

WHERE IS MY MIND-01 EVE 6-Allison/02 THE GET UP KIDS-Alec Eiffel/03 TEENAGE FANCLUB-Here Comes Your Man/04 WEEZER-Velouria/05 GHOTI HOOK-Where Is My Mind/06 FAR-Monkey Gone to Heaven/07 BRAID-Trompe le Monde/08 SUPERDRAG-Wave of Mutilation/09 TEEN HEROES-Manta Ray/10 LOCAL H-Tame/11 REEL BIG FISH-Gigantic/12 SIREN SIX!-The Holiday Song/13 KERBDOG-Debaser/14 DAVID BOWIE-Cactus/15 NADA SURF-Where Is My Mind/16 PROMISE RING-Gouge Away/17 SAMIAM-Here Comes Your Man/18 WESTON-La La Love You/19 FACE TO FACE-Planet of Sound/20 MAN OR ASTROMAN-Manta Ray/21 SENSE FIELD-Caribou

In general, I have mixed feelings about tribute albums, they range from very good and creative to the kind I hate, the ones full of slavish carbon copies of the originals which really serve zero purpose.......this one (this tribute album) I really do like a good bit, the Pixies were originals, and there is a damned creative roster of artists here tributing's a winner, and, (don't tell anyone) but the new release (if you can FIND a copy of it) is actually pretty damned good as well.........


  1. where is

    come on/surfer

  2. Thanks for Head Carrier. I'd been dragging my feet on it for no good reason.

  3. Thanks for Head Carrier. I'd been dragging my feet on it for no good reason.

  4. The Where Is My Mind tribute album is a satisfying 90s alt rock time capsule. A great companion to that Saturday Morning Greatest hits album you posted week ago.

    The Weezer version of Velouria might be the greatest recording that band ever made.

    Dig For Fire, from 2007, is another Pixies tribute worth tracking down.

  5. I have Pixies boots from Liverpool 3/03/89, Atlanta 10/13/2004, and the Doolittle demos. Kim Shattuck from the Muffs was the first to take over for Kim Deal on bass, but was fired by the Pixies manager and replaced by Paz.

  6. Anonymous again here. While I carry on sorting out those extra REM boots for you (may be a while, as I'm back to work on Monday after 7½ weeks off sick. Anyway, saw your Pixies post, and thought I'd contribute the live ones I have....

    Live @ Madrid Sala Universal 17.09.90

    Live @ BBC Maida Vale Studios 26.09.2013

    Live @ Glastonbury Festival 16.06.89