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Monday, September 19, 2016

More Descendents rarities from Lewwd.....

(scott) here is another batch of Descendent's boots n stuff from our pal Lewdd (shhhh, he AlSO send me a
bunch of other punk boots, Pistols, Clash, and more, that we will get too soon, after we wrap up the Descendents mountain that he here are a few more Descendents boots and stuff, enjoy, and be sure and thank Lewwd!

I DONT WANNA GET BOOTLEGGED EP-01 Song 1/02 Song 2/03 Song 3/04 Red

BONUS CUPS-01 Like the Way I Know/02 Shattered (demo 86)/03 Wendy (demo 86)/04 Doug Rides a Skateboard (demo 86)/05 kids (demo 86)/06 Enjoy (demo 86)/07 Green (demo 86)/08 Sour Grapes (demo 86)/09 Vini Vindi Vici (demo 86)/10 I Won't Let Me (demo 86)/11 Silence (demo 86)/12 Doghouse (demo 86)/13 Lucky/14 Gotta/15 Shattered/16 Just Like Them/17 Ace (live)/18 Shattered Milo (Live)/19 My Tattoo (Live)/20 Midnight Madness (Live)/21 What We Do Is Secret (Live)/22 Break On Through to Catalina/23 Vini Vidi Vici (Live)/24 Silver (live)/25 Title Unknown (Live)/26 Million Bucks (Live)/27 Los
Angeles (Live)

EVERYTHING'S ENJOYABLE EP-01 Green/02 Shattered Milo/03 Don't Came Down/04 I came

IT SUX BEING SINGLE (EP) -01 Nine to Five/02 Silence

We've got more Descendents stuff ready for ya, check tomorrow or the next day! fine submission!


  1. I DONT



    IT SUX

  2. Hey hey whaddya say about re-ups of these impossible to find links? Let me know if so! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!