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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

All Them Witches (Part 2)

(scott) here is the remainder of the great submission from John N, covering the work of the great and
overlooked All Them Witches......really good stuff here, REALLY good, southern-tinged psychedelic blues that often is simply perfect, right on the money GREAT.......fine stuff here, you are missing great stuff if you pass over these.

LIVE AT THE VARIETY PLAYHOUSE 10/5/14-01 Voodoo Chile/02 Funeral/When God Comes Back/03 Swallowed By the Sea/04 Death of Coyote Woman/05 Charles William

LIVE AT THE GARAGE-WINSTON SALEM NC, 2014/2015-01 Mountain/02 Funeral For a Great Drunken Bird/03 Marriage of Coyote Woman/Elk Blood Heart/04 When God Comes Back/05 Charles William/06 Death of Coyote Woman/07 Born Under a Bad Sign

LIVE IN BRUSSELS 03/03/16-01 The Death of Coyote Woman/02 Funeral For a Great Drunken Bird/03 When God Comes Back/04 Dirt Preachers/05 The Marriage of Coyote Woman/06 Elk Blood Heart/07 Call Me Star/08 Open Passageways/09 Talisman/10 Blood and Sand/Milk and Endless Waters/11 Mountain/12 Heavy Like a Witch/13 Charles William/14 My Middle Name is the Blues

A SWEET RELEASE EP-01 It Moved We Moved/Almost There/A Spider's Gift/02 Howdy Hoodee
Slank/03 El Paso Sleep On It/04 Interstate Bleach Party/05 Sweet Bear

EXTRA PLEASANT EP-01 Salesman/02 Robbie's Jam/03 Sludger/04 Swallowed By the Sea/05

Again, let me ask a favor of anyone whom can help.....the Brussels file is one of those tricky split files (exceeds the Zippyshare size limit).....some people seem to have trouble downloading these, I know that some have said you have to adjust the file name or something.....what I'm asking, is, can someone who DEFINITIVELY knows how to download these split files PLEASE simply type out the instructions as to how it's done, use simple one syllable words, and EVERY SINGLE TIME I post one of these boyos, I'll just include the instructions as to how to do so.

I'm (honestly) always trying to make the blog BETTER for the readers/users/listeners.....I don't know how to download them, as they are already on my hard drive and I don't HAVE TO download them......hence, the dilemma.....I bet ONE smart person out there can straighten this out in seconds!




    brussels 1

    brussels 2



  2. Arrgh... Most of All By Witches stuff is down. Can you re-up please?