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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Another Jon S Super-post, this time REM

(scott)-Just about anything you could want from REM appears below, like the Smiths and Sonic Youth, etc,
it is foolish for me to comment on a submission like this.....thanks Jon S, another piece of great, hard work. Please anyone sampling this offer him at least a word of thanks.

Tyrone's O.C. Athens GA 5/12/81

01 Hey! Hey! Nadine/02 Burning Down/03 Dangerous Times/04 There She Goes Again/05 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/06 Body Count/07 Just A Touch/08 Sitting Still/09 Permanent Vacation/10 Get On Their Way/11 Shaking Through/12 Romance/13 Laughing/14 Pretty Persuasion/15 That Beat/16 Stumble/17 Radio Free Europe/18 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)/19 Skank/20 Windout/21 Gardening At Night/22 White Tornado

Tyrone's O.C. Athens GA 9/23/81

01 Just A Touch/02 Ages Of You/03 1,000,000/04 Get On Their Way/05 There She Goes Again/06 Action/07 Wait/08 Sitting Still/09 Permanent Vacation/10 Mystery To Me/11 White Tornado/12 I Can't Control Myself/13 Burning Down/14 Shaking Through/15 Laughing/16 Romance/17 Pretty Persuasion/18 That Beat/19 Stumble/20 Radio Free Europe/21 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)/22 The Lion Sleeps Tonight/23 Skank/24 Gardening At Night/25 Windout/26 9-9/27 unknown/28 Sitting Still/29 1,000,000 (soundcheck)/30 The Lion Sleeps Tonight (soundcheck)

Charlotte, NC 11/7/81

01 Just A Touch/02 Burning Down/03 Shaking Through/04 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/05 There She Goes Again/06 Permanent Vacation/07 Pretty Persuasion/08 That Beat/09 Mystery To Me/10 Carnival Of Sorts/11 Ages Of You/12 I Can't Control Myself/13 Ha (We Get Paid For It)/14 Laughing/15 Romance/16 Sitting Still/17 Wolves, Lower/18 Gardening At Night/19 9-9/20 Windout/21 1,000,000/22 Radio Free Europe

Chronic Town (1982)

01 Wolves, Lower/02 Gardening at Night/03 Carnival of Sorts (Box Cars)/04 1,000,000/05 Stumble

Greensboro, NC 1/22/82

01 Gardening At Night/02 9-9/03 Wind Out/04 A New Song/05 There She Goes Again/06 Sitting Still/07 That Beat/08 Pretty Persuasion/09 Mystery To Me/10 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)/11 Ages Of You/12 Catapult/13 Shaking Through/14 Laughing/15 Romance/16 Ghost Riders In The Sky/17 Permanent Vacation/18 1,000,000/19 Wolves, Lower/20 Radio Free Europe/21 All The Right Friends/22 Wait!/23 Body Count

Charlotte, NC 1/23/82

01 Ages Of You/02 Catapault/03 Shaking Through/04 Laughing/05 Romance/06 Sitting Still/07 Permanent Vacation/08 Pretty Persuasion/09 That Beat/10 Gardening At Night/11 9-9/12 1,000,000/13 Wolves, Lower/14 Radio Free Europe/15 White Tornado/16 Stumble/17 Ghost Riders In The Sky

Madison, WI 4/24/82

01 Gardening At Night/02 99/03 Ages of You/04 Shaking Through/05 Laughing/06 Romance/07 Sitting Still/08 Pretty Persuasion/09 That Beat/10 Catapult/11 Radio Free Europe/12 Wolves, Lower/13 Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)/14 White Tornado/15 West Of The Fields/16 Skank/17 There She Goes Again

The Old Waldorf, San Francisco 8/24/82

01 Gardening At Night/02 9-9/03 Wolves, Lower/04 We Walk/05 Pilgrimage/06 Laughing/07 Sitting Still/08 1000000/09 Catapult/10 Moral Kiosk/11 West of the Fields/12 Radio Free Europe

Murmur (1983)

01 Radio Free Europe/02 Pilgrimage/03 Laughing/04 Talk About The Passion/05 Moral Kiosk/06 Perfect Circle/07 Catapult/08 Sitting Still/09 9-9/10 Shaking Through/11 We Walk/12 West Of The Fields/13 Laughing/14 Pilgrimage/15 There She Goes Again/16 7 Chinese Bros./17 Talk About The Passion/18 Sitting Still/19 Harborcoat/20 Catapult/21 Gardening At Night/22 9-9/23 Just A Touch/24 West Of The Fields/25 Radio Free Europe/26 We Walk/27 1,000,000/28 Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)/29 There She Goes Again

Paradise Rock Club, Boston 7/13/83

01 Intro/02 Gardening At Night/03 9-9/04 Happy Birthday/05 Moral Kiosk/06 Laughing/07 Pilgrimage/08 Seven Chinese Brothers/09 Talk About The Passion/10 Wolves, Lower/11 Harborcoat/12 Sitting Still/13 Pretty Persuasion/14 Catapult/15 Just A Touch/16 West of The Fields/17 Radio Free Europe/18 White Tornado/19 Ages Of You/20 We Walk/21 1,000,000/22 {radio break}/23 California Dreamin'/24 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)

Philadelphia 7/20/83

01 Wolves, Lower/02 Moral Kiosk/03 Laughing/04 Pilgrimage/05 7 Chinese Brothers/06 Talk About the Passion/07 Sitting Still/08 Harborcoat/09 Catapult/10 Pretty Persuasion/11 Gardening at Night/12 9-9/13 Windout/14 Just a Touch/15 West of the Fields/16 Radio Free Europe/17 White Tornado/18 Time After Time/19 We Walk/20 Eight Miles High/21 Roadrunner/22 1,000,000/23 Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars)/24 Skank

Stitchcraft, Athens, GA 9/30/83

01 I Got You Babe/02 Second Guessing/03 Harborcoat/04 Pretty Persuasion/05 Pills/06 1,000,000/07 Camera/08 Talk About The Passion/09 Little America/10 All The Right Friends/11 Letter Never Sent/12 Just A Touch/13 Secret Agent Man/14 Hootenanny/15 Route 66/16 Windout/17 9-9/18 Six Stock Answers/19 My Roof Your Roof/20 Pale Blue Eyes/21 Tainted Obligation/22 Folsom Prison Blues/23 Rave On/24 20th Century Boy/25 Seven Chinese Brothers/26 Crazy/27 That Beat/28 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/29 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)/30 Sweet Jane

Reckoning (1984)
01 Harborcoat/02 7 Chinese Brothers/03 Southern Central Rain/04 Pretty Persuasion/05 Time After Time (annElise)/06 Second Guessing/07 Letter Never Sent/08 Camera/09 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/10 Little America/11 Wind Out (With Friends)/12 Pretty Persuasion (Live in Studio)/13 White Tornado (Live in Studio)/14 Tighten Up/15 Moon River/16 Femme Fatale/17 Radio Free Europe/18 Gardening At Night/19 9-9/20 Windout/21 Letter Never Sent/22 Sitting Still/23 Driver 8/24 So. Central Rain/25 7 Chines Bros./26 Harborcoat/27 Hyena/28 Pretty Persuasion/29 Little America/30 Second Guessing31 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville

Lyon, France 4/18/84

01 Hello/02 Radio Free Europe/03 Catapault/04 Crazy/05 Letter Never Sent/06 Pilgrimage/07 Talk About The Passion/08 So. Central Rain/09 Just A Touch/10 Gardening At Night/11 9-9/12 Time After Time (Annelise)/13 Little America

Paris 4/20/84

01 Ghost Riders In The Sky/02 Moral Kiosk/03 Catapult/04 Pilgrimage/05 Letter Never Sent/06 So. Central Rain/07 Harborcoat/08 Sitting Still/09 Gardening At Night/10 9-9/11 Windout/12 Time After Time (Annelise)/13 Just A Touch/14 Little America/15 Pale Blue Eyes/16 Second Guessing/17 Radio Free Europe/18 We Walk/19 20th Century Boy/20 1,000,000/21 Walter's BBQ_Band Introduction/22 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/23 Talk About The Passion/24 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)

Capital Theatre, Passaic, NJ 6/9/84

01 ...intro.../02 Pale Blue Eyes/03 Second Guessing/04 Hyena/05 Letter Never Sent/06 Harborcoat/07 Seven Chinese Brothers/08 Pretty Persuasion/09 So. Central Rain/10 Gardening At Night/11 9-9/12 Windout/13 Old Man Kensey/14 Sitting Still/15 Driver 8/16 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)/17 Radio Free Europe/18 Little America

Seattle, WA 7/27/84

01 Moral Kiosk/02 Hyena/03 Camera/04 Pilgrimage/05 Talk About The Passion/06 7 Chinese Brothers/07 So. Central Rain/08 Pretty Persuasion/09 Gardening At Night/10 9-9/11 Windout/12 Old Man Kensey/13 Radio Free Europe/14 Little America/15 Burning Down/16 Pale Blue Eyes/17 1,000,000/18 So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star/19 Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)/20 Skank

Fables Of The Reconstruction (1985)

01 Feeling Gravitys Pull/02 Maps And Legends/03 Driver 8/04 Life And How To Live It/05 Old Man Kensey/06 Can't Get There From Here/07 Green Grow The Rushes/08 Kohoutek/09 Auctioneer (Another Engine)/10 Good Advices/11 Wendell Gee/12 Crazy/13 Burning Hell/14 Bandwagon/15 Driver 8 (Live)/16 Maps And Legends (Live)/17 Auctioneer (Another Engine) (The Athens Demos)/18 Bandwagon (The Athens Demos)/19 Cant Get There From Here (The Athens Demos)/20 Driver 8 (The Athens Demos)/21 Feeling Gravitys Pull (The Athens Demos)/22 Good Advices (The Athens Demos)/23 Green Grow The Rushes (The Athens Demos)/24 Hyena (The Athens Demos)/25 Kohoutek (The Athens Demos)/26 Life And How To Live It (The Athens Demos)/27 Maps And Legends (The Athens Demos)/28 Old Man Kensey (The Athens Demos)/29 Throw These Trolls Away (The Athens Demos)/30 Wendell Gee (The Athens Demos)

Paramount Theater - Seattle, WA 7/12/85

01 Feeling Gravity's Pull/02 Harborcoat/03 Green Grow The Rushes/04 Maps And Legends/05 Laughing/06 Hyena/07 So. Central Rain/08 Have you Ever Seen The Rain_/09 West Of The Fields/10 Can't Get There From Here/11 Driver 8/12 Auctioneer (Another Engine)/13 Old Man Kensey/14 Pretty Persuasion/15 Life And How To Live It/16 Little America/17 Second Guessing/18 Talk About The Passion/19 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/20 1,000,000/21 Theme From Two Steps Onward/22 Gardening At Night/23 9-9/24 Radio Free Europe/25 post-show recap and the drive home

Radio City Music Hall, NYC 8/31/85

01 Feeling Gravity's Pull/02 Harborcoat/03 Green Grow the Rushes/04 Skip A Rope/05 Hyena/06 Maps and Legends/07 Fall on Me/08 Driver 8/09 So. Central Rain/10 Have You Ever Seen the Rain/11 Pills/12 Can't Get There From Here/13 7 Chinese Bros./14 Auctioneer (Another Engine)/15 Old Man Kensey/16 Little America/17 Pretty Persuasion/18 Life and How to Live It/19 Second Guessing/20 (Don't Go Back to) Rockville/21 Behind Closed Doors/22 See No Evil/23 Theme From Two Steps Onward/24 Sitting Still/25 Time After Time (AnnElise)/26 Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars)/27 Moon River/28 Windout

Rockpalast Zeche, Bochum, Germany 10/2/85

01 Feeling Gravity's Pull/02 Harborcoat/03 Sitting Still/04 Maps And Legends/05 Fall On Me/06 Green Grow The Rushes/07 Driver 8/08 Hyena/09 So. Central Rain/10 Have You Ever Seen The Rain?/11 Can't Get There From Here/12 King Of The Road/13 7 Chinese Brothers/14 Auctioneer (Another Engine)/15 Old Man Kensey/16 Little America/17 Pretty Persuasion/18 encore/19 Theme From Two Steps Beyond/20 Toys In The Attic/21 See No Evil/22 Second Guessing/23 encore 2/24 Ghost Riders In The Sky/25 (Dont Go Back To) Rockville/26 We Walk_Falling In Love Again_Behind Closed Doors/27 Paint It Black

Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim, Germany 10/18/85

01 Intro/02 Feeling Gravity's Pull/03 Harborcoat/04 Maps And Legends/05 Driver 8/06 Green Grow The Rushes/07 Gardening At Night/08 Fall On Me/09 Pretty Persuasion/10 So. Central Rain/11 Have You Ever Seen The Rain?/12 There She Goes Again/13 Radar Love/14 Ghost Riders In The Sky/15 Can't Get There From Here/16 Seven Chinese Brothers/17 Auctioneer (Another Engine)/18 Old Man Kensey/19 Life And How To Live It/20 Theme FromTwo Steps Onward/21 We Walk_Falling In Love Again_Behind Closed Doors_Tired Of Singing Trouble_After Hours/22 Toys In The Attic/23 20th Century Boy/24 Second Guessing/25 Femme Fatale/26 See No Evil

Lifes Rich Pageant (1986)

01 Begin The Begin/02 These Days/03 Fall On Me/04 Cuyahoga/05 Hyena/06 Underneath The Bunker/07 The Flowers Of Guatemala/08 I Believe/09 What If We Give It Away?/10 Just A Touch/11 Swan Swan H/12 Superman/13 Tired Of Singing Trouble/14 Rotary Ten/15 Toys In The Attic/16 Just A Touch [Live In Studio]/17 Dream (All I Have To Do)/18 Swan Swan H (Acoustic Version)/19 Fall On Me/20 Hyena/21 March Song (King Of Birds)/22 These Days/23 Bad Day/24 Salsa (Underneath The Bunker)/25 Swan Swan H/26 The Flowers Of Guatemala/27 Begin The Begin/28 Cuyahoga/29 I Believe/30 Out Of Tune/31 Jazz (Rotary Ten)/32 Two Steps Onward/33 Just A Touch/34 Mystery To Me/35 Wait/36 All The Right Friends/37 Get On Their Way (What If We Give It Away?)

Athens, GA 1/20/86
01 Intro/02 Radio Free Europe/03 Second Guessing/04 Moral Kiosk/05 Fall On Me/06 Maps And Legends/07 Hyena/08 Dream (All I Have To Do)/09 Driver 8/10 Swan Swan H/11 Time After Time (Annelise)/12 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/13 Tired Of Singing Trouble/14 Auctioneer (Another Engine)/15 Seven Chinese Brothers/16 Sitting Still/17 Just A Touch/18 Pretty Persuasion/19 See No Evil/20 Strange/21 Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight/22 Pills/23 Little America/24 Ain't No Sunshine/25 So. Central Rain/26 Wild Thing/

Felt Forum, NYC 11/7/86

01 These Days/02 Sitting Still/03 Hyena/04 Talk About the Passion/05 Driver 8/06 Cuyahoga/07 Feeling Gravity's Pull/08 Flowers of Guatemala/09 White Tornado/10 Tired of Singing Trouble/11 I Believe/12 Swan Swan H/13 Superman/14 Can't Get There From Here/15 Spooky/16 Pretty Persuasion/17 Auctioneer (Another Engine)/18 Just A Touch/19 Fall On Me/20 Begin the Begin/21 Pills/22 Oddfellows Local 151/23 Lightnin' Hopkins/24 Funtime/25 The One I Love/26 So. Central Rain

Document (1987)

01 Finest Worksong/02 Welcome To The Occupation/03 Exhuming McCarthy/04 Disturbance At The Heron House/05 Strange/06 It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)/07 The One I Love/08 Fireplace/09 Lightnin' Hopkins/10 King Of Birds/11 Oddfellows Local 151/12 Finest Worksong (Other Mix)/13 Last Date/14 The One I Love (Live)/15 Time After Time Etc (Live)/16 Disturbance At The Heron House (Live)/17 Finest Worksong (Lengthy Club Mix)/18 Finest Worksong/19 These Days/20 Lightnin' Hopkins/21 Welcome To The Occupation/22 Driver 8/23 Feeling Gravitys Pull/24 I Believe/25 The One I Love/26 Exhuming McCarthy/27 Wolves, Lower/28 Fall On Me/29 Just A Touch/30 Oddfellows Local 151/31 Little America/32 It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)/33 Begin The Begin/34 Disturbance At The Heron House/35 Moral Kiosk/36 Life And How To Live It/37 So. Central Rain

Complete Rarities - I.R.S. 1982-1987

01 Radio Free Europe (Original Hib-Tone Single)/02 Sitting Still (Original Hib-Tone Single)/03 White Tornado/04 Gardening At Night (Different Vocal Mix)/05 Gardening At Night (Acoustic)/06 All The Right Friends (Live In Studio)/07 Moon River (Live in Studio)/08 Pretty Persuasion (Live in Studio)/09 There She Goes Again (Live in Studio)/10 Tighten Up (Live In Studio)/11 Ages Of You (Live)/12 We Walk (Live)/13 1,000,000 (Live)/14 Gardening At Night (Electric Demo)/15 Just A Touch (Live in Studio)/16 King Of The Road (Live in Studio)/17 Pale Blue Eyes (Live In Studio)/18 Voice Of Harold/19 Walter's Theme (Live in Studio)/20 White Tornado (Live in Studio)/21 Wind Out/22 Wind Out (With Friends) (Live in Studio)/23 9-9 (Live)/24 Gardening At Night (Live)/25 Catapult (Live)/26 Ages of You/27 Bandwagon/28 Burning Down/29 Burning Hell/30 Crazy/31 Driver 8 (Live)/32 Bad Day/33 Femme Fatale (Live in Studio)/34 Hyena (Demo)/35 Mystery To Me (Demo)/36 Rotary Ten/37 Theme From Two Steps Onward (Demo)/38 Tired Of Singing Trouble/39 Toys in the Attic/40 Romance/41 Last Date/42 Finest Worksong (Lengthy Club Mix)/43 Finest Worksong (Mutual Drum Horn Mix)/44 Finest Worksong (Other Mix)/45 Maps and Legends (Live)/46 Disturbance at the Heron House (Live)/47 The One I Love (Live)/48 Swan Swan H (Acoustic)/49 (All I Have To Do Is) Dream/50 Time After Time, Etc. (Live)/

Green (1988)

01 Pop Song 89/02 Get Up/03 You Are The Everything/04 Stand/05 World Leader Pretend/06 The Wrong Child/07 Orange Crush/08 Turn You Inside-Out/09 Hairshirt/10 I Remember California/11 (Untitled)/12 Stand/13 The One I Love/14 Turn You Inside-Out/15 Belong/16 Exhuming McCarthy/17 Good Advices/18 Orange Crush/19 Cuyahoga/20 These Days/21 World Leader Pretend/22 I Believe/23 Get Up/24 Life And How To Live It/25 It's The Enf Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)/26 Pop Song 89/27 Fall On Me/28 You Are The Everything/29 Begin The Begin/30 Low/31 Finest Worksong/32 Perfect Circle

Live In Greensboro (EP 1988)

01 So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)/02 Feeling Gravity's Pull/03 Strange/04 King of Birds/05 I Remember California

Orlando, FL 4/30/89

01 Pop Song 89/02 Exhuming McCarthy/03 Welcome To The Occupation/04 Disturbance At The Heron House/05 Turn You Inside Out/06 Orange Crush/07 Feeling Gravity's Pull/08 Swan Swan H/09 Begin The Begin/10 Pretty Persuasion/11 I Believe/12 King Of Birds/13 Crazy/14 Finest Worksong/15 You Are The Everything/16 Academy Fight Song/17 Stand/18 Perfect Circle/19 Get Up/20 It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Great Woods, Mansfield, MA 9/15/89

01 Stand/02 The One I Love/03 So. Central Rain/04 Driver 8/05 Turn You Inside Out/06 Belong/07 Orange Crush/08 Feeling Gravity's Pull/09 Swan Swan H/10 Sitting Still/11 World Leader Pretend/12 I Believe/13 Fall On Me/14 Pretty Persuasion/15 Get Up/16 Auctioneer (Another Engine)/17 Its The End Of the World As We know It (And I Feel Fine)/18 Pop Song '89/19 Exhuming McCarthy/20 You Are The Everything/21 Begin the Begin/22 King Of Birds/23 See No Evil/24 Harpers/25 Ghostriders/26 Finest Work Song/27 Perfect Circle/28 After Hours

Out Of Time (1991)

01 Radio Song/02 Losing My Religion/03 Low/04 Near Wild Heaven/05 Endgame/06 Shiny Happy People/07 Belong/08 Half A World Away/09 Texarkana/10 Country Feedback/11 Me In Honey

Automatic For The People (1992)

01 Drive/02 Try Not To Breathe/03 The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite/04 Everybody Hurts/05 New Orleans Instrumental No. 1/06 Sweetness Follows/07 Monty Got A Raw Deal/08 Ignoreland/09 Star Me Kitten/10 Man On The Moon/11 Nightswimming/12 Find The River

40 Watt Club Athens, GA 11/19/92

01 Drive/02 Monty Got A Raw Deal.mp3/03 Everybody Hurts/04 Man On The Moon/05 Losing My Religion/06 Country Feedback/07 Begin The Begin/08 Fall On Me/09 Me In Honey/10 Finest Worksong/11 Drive/12 Love Is All Around/13 Fun Time/14 Radio Free Europe/15 One/16 Hello In There

Monster (1995)

01 What's the Frequency, Kenneth?/02 Crush With Eyeliner/03 King of Comedy/04 I Don't Sleep, I Dream/05 Star 69/06 Strange Currencies/07 Tongue/08 Bang and Blame/09 I Took Your Name/10 Let Me In/11 Circus Envy/12 You

National Bowl, Milton Keynes, UK 7/30/95

01 What's The Frequency, Kenneth?/02 Crush With Eyeliner/03 Drive/04 Turn You Inside Out/05 Try Not To Breathe/06 I Took Your Name/07 Undertow/08 Bang And Blame/09 I Don't Sleep, I Dream/10 Strange Currencies/11 Revolution/12 Tongue/13 Man On The Moon/14 Country Feedback/15 Half A World Away/16 Losing My Religion/17 Pop Song '89/18 Finest Worksong/19 Get Up/20 Star 69/21 Let Me In/22 Everybody Hurts/23 Fall On Me/24 Departure/25 Its The End Of The World As We Know It

The Omni, Atlanta 11/21/95

01 What's The Frequency, Kenneth?/02 Crush With Eyeliner/03 Drive/04 Fall On Me/05 Wake-Up Bomb/06 Undertow/07 Losing My Religion/08 Binky The Doormat/09 Bang And Blame/10 Zither/11 Strange Currencies/12 Revolution/13 Tongue/14 Man On The Moon/15 Country Feedback/16 Find The River/17 The One I Love/18 Pop Song 89/19 Get Up/20 Star 69/21 Nightswimming/22 Let Me In/23 Everybody Hurts/24 Java - Band Intro/25 So. Central Rain/26 Departure/27 Radio Free Europe/28 It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)/29 Wild Thing

New Adventures In Hi-Fi (1996)

01 How the West Was Won and Where It Got Us/02 The Wake-Up Bomb/03 New Test Leper/04 Undertow/05 E-Bow the Letter/06 Leave/07 Departure/08 Bittersweet Me/09 Be Mine/10 Binky the Doormat/11 Zither/12 So Fast, So Numb/13 Low Desert/14 Electrolite

Up (1998)

01 Airportman/02 Lotus/03 Suspicion/04 Hope/05 At My Most Beautiful/06 The Apologist/07 Sad Professor/08 You're in the Air/09 Walk Unafraid/10 Why Not Smile/11 Daysleeper/12 Diminished/13 Parakeet/14 Falls to Climb

Chastain Park, Atlanta GA 8/31/99

01 Lotus/02 What's The Frequency, Kenneth?/03 So Fast, So Numb/04 Camera/05 Fall On Me/06 Suspicion/07 Jesus- New Test Leper/08 The One I Love/09 Daysleeper/10 Sweetness Follows/11 The Great Beyond/12 Begin The Begin/13 Country Feedback/14 At My Most Beautiful/15 Star 69/16 Losing My Religion/17 Man On The Moon/18 Walk Unafraid/19 encore break/20 tuning/21 Hope/22 Why Not Smile/23 Nightswimming/24 Crush With Eyeliner/25 Gardening At Night/26 Tongue/27 stage commentary/28 It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Reveal (2001)

01 The Lifting/02 I've Been High/03 All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star)/04 She Just Wants To Be/05 Disappear/06 Saturn Return/07 Beat A Drum/08 Imitation Of Life/09 Summer Turns To High/10 Chorus And The Ring/11 I'll Take The Rain/12 Beachball


01 Half A World Away/02 Disturbance At The Heron House/03 Radio Song/04 Low/05 Perfect Circle/06 Fall On Me/07 Belong/08 Love Is All Around/09 It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)/10 Losing My Religion/11 Pop Song 89/12 Endgame/13 Fretless/14 Swan Swan H/15 Rotary 11/16 Get Up/17 World Leader Pretend

18 All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star)/19 Electrolite/20 At My Most Beautiful/21 Daysleeper/22 So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry)/23 Losing My Religion/24 Country Feedback/25 Cuyahoga/26 Imitation Of Life/27 Find The River/28 The One I LOve/29 Disappear/30 Beat A Drum/31 I've Been High/32 I'll Take The Rain/33 Sad Professor

Around The Sun (2004)

01 Leaving New York/02 Electron Blue/03 The Outsiders/04 Make It All Okay/05 Final Straw/06 I Wanted To Be Wrong/07 Wander Lust/08 The Boy In The Well/09 Aftermath/10 High Speed Train/11 The Worst Joke Ever/12 The Ascent Of Man/13 Around The Sun

R.E.M. - R.E.M. Live (2005)

01 I Took Your Name/02 So Fast, So Numb/03 Boy in the Well/04 Cuyahoga/05 Everybody Hurts/06 Electron Blue/07 Bad Day/08 The Ascent of Man/09 The Great Beyond/10 Leaving New York/11 Orange Crush/12 I Wanted to Be Wrong/13 Final Straw/14 Imitation of Life/15 The One I Love/16 Walk Unafraid/17 Losing My Religion/18 What's The Frequency, Kenneth?/19 Drive/20 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/21 I'm Gonna DJ/22 Man on the Moon

Kingpin's Bowling Alley, Athens GA 10/8/05 

01 Sitting Still/02 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/03 Wolves, Lower/04 Begin The Begin/05 The One I Love/06 Permanent Vacation/07 Radio Free Europe

Accelerate (2008)

01 Living Well Is The Best Revenge/02 Man-Sized Wreath/03 Supernatural Superserious/04 Hollow Man/05 Houston/06 Accelerate/07 Until The Day Is Done/08 Mr. Richards/09 Sing For The Submarine/10 Horse To Water/11 I'm Gonna DJ

Live At The Olympia (2008)

01 Living Well Is The Best Revenge/02 Second Guessing/03 Letter Never Sent/04 Staring Down The Barrel Of The Middle Distance/05 Disturbance At The Heron House/06 Mr. Richards/07 Houston/08 New Test Leper/09 Cuyahoga/10 Electrolite/11 Man-Sized Wreath/12 So. Central Rain/13 On The Fly/14 Maps And Legends/15 Sitting Still/16 Driver 8/17 Horse To Water/18 I'm Gonna DJ/19 Circus Envy/20 Drive/21 Feeling Gravitys Pull/22 Until The Day Is Done/23 Accelerate/24 Auctioneer/25 Little America/26 1,000,000/27 Disguised/28 The Worst Joke Ever/29 Welcome To The Occupation/30 Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)/30 Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)/32 Wolves, Lower/33 I've Been High/34 Kohoutek/35 West Of The Fields/36 Pretty Persuasion/37 Romance/38 Gardening At Night/39 These Days

Berlin 7/16/08

01 Living Well Is The Best Revenge/02 West Of The Fields/03 What's The Frequency, Kenneth?/04 Star 69/05
Man Sized Wreath/06 Ignoreland/07 Begin The Begin/08 Hollow Man/09 Imitation Of Life/10 Houston/11 Electrolite/12 So. Central Rain/13 Auctioneer/14 The Great Beyond/15 The One I Love/16 Pretty Persuasion/17 Fall On Me/18 Let Me In/19 Horse To Water/20 Bad Day/21 I'm Gonna DJ/22 Orange Crush/23 Supernatural Superserious/24 Losing My Religion/25 Driver 8/26 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville/27 Man On The Moon/

Collapse Into Now (2011)

01 Discoverer/02 All The Best/03 UBerlin/04 Oh My Heart/05 It Happened Today/06 Every Day Is Yours To Win/07 Mine Smell Like Honey/08 Walk It Back/09 Alligator_Aviator_Autopilot_Antimatter/10 That Someone Is You/11 Me, Marlon Brando, Marlon Brando And I/12 Blue

 R.E.M. - Atlanta 2/20/81 (video)


  1. huge thanks to jon. i really dug the SY posts. not really an REM fan, but i've never given their early stuff a fair shake, so here's my chance...

  2. Thanks jon was another great post. Thanks scott for this great blog.

  3. Thank you very very much from an old fart. I get to flesh out my older with better rips, I appreciate it greatly

  4. I saw R.E.M. in concert around the time of their second album. The bass player was out of tune all night and didn't respond to *many* people that he needed to tune it.

  5. R.E.M. used to play a local bar for a $2.00 cover charge back in the day - always had the perception that they were something very esoteric and could never bother myself to go. Big mistake on my part!

  6. I can also offer the following live concerts if you want them:

    Atlanta Omni - November 18th and 19th 1995

    Chicago Aragon - July 7th 1984

    Cologne Kolner Dom - May 12th 2001

    Great Woods - June 13th 2008

    Greensboro - November 10th 1989

    Rock In Rio - January 30th 2001

    Seattle Crocodile Café - October 23rd 2001

    Stockholm Vinterträdgården Grand Hotel - November 9th 1998

    The Pinkpop Festival - May 15th 1989

    1. ANON: bring them on, we accept all submissions, and of those received, I generally post maybe 80%, those that I don't post generally don't fit the "format", if that is the term for which i search.......simply put, you have great stuff like those boots, get em in here and let's allow the world to join us in enjoying them

    2. Here's the first ones for you:

      Live @ Atlanta Omni 18.11.1995 [CD 1]

      Live @ Atlanta Omni 18.11.1995 [CD 2]

      Live @ Atlanta Omni 19.11.1995 [CD 1]

      Live @ Atlanta Omni 19.11.1995 [CD 2]

    3. And some more:

      Live @ Cologne Kolner Dom, Roncalliplatz 12.05.2001 [CD 1]

      Live @ Cologne Kolner Dom, Roncalliplatz 12.05.2001 [CD 2]

      Above not the best quality, but hope they're of some use....

      The Chicago show was actually CD 2 from the Reckoning reissue, so already posted..

      Another one here for you as well:
      Live [Dublin Point Depot 26-27.02.2005] [CD 1]

      Live [Dublin Point Depot 26-27.02.2005] [CD 2]

      Live @ The Pinkpop Festival 15.05.89.

      Will try and upload some more in due course.....


  7. I wonder if anyone has New Year's Eve 1984 at the Fox in Atlanta. I remember they did a version of Donovan's "Atlantis" that I would love to hear again. I used to love REM, but I think "Automatic For the People" was their last good album, and even then I would be perfectly happy if they had never done "Shiny Happy People", "Radio Song" or "Everybody Hurts". Just one cranky old man's opinion.

    1. I agree pretty much BUT. I do think "new adventures in hi fi" is at worst a 3-star effort if not a bit better than that. "E Bow the Letter" with its creepy patti smith guest vocal, is perhaps my favorite REM track of them all

  8. Would love to hear the Greensboro - November 10th 1989 show

  9. If it matters, on the 40 Watt 1992 show, the last track is Give Em What They Want, not Hello In there.

  10. Would love a re up of Rockpalast!!