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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Flyying Colours

Really liked this one actually, so I thought I'd get it to ya.......another new release, so, as I always say, procede with caution, you never know......listened to this one this morning, and really enjoyed it. A John N submission, this is some semi-hard rocking shoegaze/psych, it all really works pretty well, some fine guitar and some trippy, overly-distorted vocals......they remind me of SOMEONE, just not sure exactly who right at the moment, but this is a pretty good album.......thanks John N for the submission, hope you folks enjoy and the band is not a pain about having their work shared and given exposure......

MINDFULLNESS-01 It's Tomorrow Now/02 long Holiday/03 This Is What You Wanted/04 1987/05 Morning Stoner/06 Mellow/07 Roygbiv/08 Sun Hail and Rain/09 Mindfullness/10 When

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