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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Anonymously, some more REM boots

An anonymous contributor sends us another handful of REM boots.......haven't listened to them and even the submitter kind of downplays the quality of at least one of them....nonetheless, as always, I truly appreciate the effort........if you are an REM fan/completist, perhaps these are something you need in your collection....if not, so be it as well.......anyway, thanks "Anonymous", and I'll keep an eye open for any future REM boots you care to send our way.

Live @ Cologne Kolner Dom, Roncalliplatz 12.05.2001 [CD 1]

Live @ Cologne Kolner Dom, Roncalliplatz 12.05.2001 [CD 2]

Above not the best quality, but hope they're of some use....

The Chicago show was actually CD 2 from the Reckoning reissue, so already posted..

Another one here for you as well:
Live [Dublin Point Depot 26-27.02.2005] [CD 1]

Live [Dublin Point Depot 26-27.02.2005] [CD 2]

Live @ The Pinkpop Festival 15.05.89.

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  1. Would love to hear the Greensboro - November 10th 1989 show