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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

First of many Descendents' boots from Lewdd

(scott)- What a fine bunch of contributors we have discussed before, once I completed the
posting of John N's damn comprehensive Descendents' series I'd start posting these awesome Descendents boots submitted by our latest team member, Lewdd (he's been around awhile, I remember seeing his name, but these (and the punk covers sets the other day) are his first contributions......gonna warn ya, there are  A LOT of these Descendents boots, and I think we'll do them a few at a time, keeping the band's fans happy while avoiding possible overkill.....Lewdd, great stuff thus far, please don't be a stranger, we ALWAYS have room for more contributions here, and stuff like this is what makes us what we are. Fine submissions, please keep it up! (btw, these boots appear in no particular order, pretty much random, so if you are looking for a specific show, keep your eyes open, it will likely appear eventually)

11/2/82 MABUHAY GARDENS SAN FRANCISCO-01 Marriage/02 Tonyage/03 I'm Not a Punk/04 I'm Not a Loser/05 Kabuki Girl/06 I Wanna Be a Bear/07 I like Food/08 Hey Hey/09 Weinerschnitzel/10 My Dad Sucks/11 Mr. Bass/12 Parents/13 Global Probing/14 Like the Way I Know

1/15/83 T-BIRD ROLLERDOME PICO RIVERA CALIFORNIA-01 Heavy Metal Intro/02 I Wanna Be a Bear/03 I'm Not a Loser/04 I Wanna Be a Bear/05 Suburban Home/06 Myage/07 Shattered Mind/08 Kabuki Girl/09 My Dad Sucks/10 Hey Hey/11 Catalina/12 Ace/13 I'm Not a Punk/14 Pervert/15 Bikeage/16 Hope/17 Global Probing/18 Jean Is Dead

FUN FUN FUN FEST AUSTIN TEXAS 11/7/10-01 Descendents/02 Coolidge/03 I Wanna Be a Bear/04
Rotting/05 Nothing With You/06 Coffee Mug/07 Hope/08 Sour/09 Pop/10 She Don't Care/11 Myage/12 I Am the One/13 When I get Old/14 Tacking/15 Grow Up/16 I Like Food/17 Cheer/18 Suburban/19 Silly/20 Everything Sucks

NORWALK CT THE ANTHRAX 6/87-01 I Wanna Be a Bear/02 Cheer/03 Myage/05 Wendy/06 My Dad Sucks/07 Hurtin' Crue/08  In My Van/09 Suburban Home/10 Clean Sheets/11 Kids



    T BIRD



  2. I know this is going to sound really weird . . . but these files smell like barbecue sauce.

  3. Oh man :( Almost a year ago I was looking around for the Mabuhay Gardens and T-Bird bootlegs but all the links had expired. Thought I'd have a look again and came across your blog, but unfortunately these links have also expired. Is there any chance you could reupload them please? I would be ever so grateful.

  4. Sorry but links don't work anymore...

  5. can you put a new link? I desperatley want them all!