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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Latest Installment of Lewdd's Buzzcocks Boots

Some more Buzzcocks boots from our good friend usual, the rules are: he (nor I, for that
matter) ensure any level of is whatever you get.....I haven't listened to them, so I can't really give you an evaluation of them, and Lewdd willingly admits that some of them are for historical value alone, and the sound quality (on SOME) sucks.....nevertheless, of the ones that I have already posted, I have listened to them, and I'd say fully half of them sound pretty damn good.......anyway, this isnt the end of them, this dude has sent me a TON of boots, once we get through all of his Buzzcocks stuff, we have Pistols, Clash, and don't miss out, this dude is an extremely valuable member  of "Team Growing Bored"......

MANCHESTER POLYTECHNIC 5/22/80-01 I Don't Mind/02 Ever Fallen In Love/03 What Do I Get/04
Strange Thing/05 Why She's a Girl From the Chainstore/06 What Do You Know/07 Autonomy

RUSTY NAIL SUNDERLAND MA 11/18/80-01 Why She's a Girl From the Chainstore/02 What Do I Get/03 Fast Cars/04 Fiction Romance/05 Harmony In My Head/06 Are Everything/07 Lipstick/08 Ever Fallen In Love/09 Somethings Gone Wrong Again/10 Airwaves Dream/11 Strange Thing/12 Noise Annoys/13 What Do You Know/14 I Believe/15 Love Battery/16 Times Up/17 Love You More/18 Oh Shit

STORSJOYRAN OSTURSUND 1997-01 Get On Own/02 The Turn of the Screw/03 Autonomy/04 Nothing Left/05 Thunder of Hearts/06 You Say You Don't Love Me/07 Promises/08 Why She's a Girl From the Chainstore/09 Interview/10 Harmony In My Head/11 Totally From the Heart/12 Ever Fallen in Love/13 Fast Cars/14 Orgasm Addict/15 What Do I Get/16 Oh Shit/17 Breakdown/18 Boredom

THE SHELTER DETROIT MICHIGAN 7/14/06-(24 tracks, no setlist provided........would be wonderful if one of our loyal Buzzcocks fans would provide one!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

DANTES PORTLAND 7/28/06-01 Flat-pack Philosophy/02 Wish I Never Loved You/03 Sell You
Everything/04 Reconciliation/05 I Don't Exist/06 Soul Survivor/07 Big Brother Wheels/08 I Don't Mind/09 Harmony In My Head/10 Autonomy/11 Fiction Romance/12 Why Can't I Touch It/13 Sixteen/14 I Don't Know What to Do With My Life/15 Fast Cars/16 What Do I Get/17 Love You More/18 Breakdown/19 Audience Screams For an Encore/20 Sick City Sometimes/21 Noise Annoys/22 Orgasm Addict/23 Ever Fallen In Love/24 Oh Shit

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