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Friday, September 9, 2016

Studkid submits Clearance

(scott)- Studkid evidently enjoyed Jon S' Pavement collection to the point that he submitted an album (unknown to me) "Rapid Rewards" from Clearance. According to Studkid, it harkens to "Crooked Rain Crooked Rain"-era Pavement. No way possible, in ANY universe, that one could complain about THAT!
Thx Jon s' for the Pavement boots. They have been one of my favorits for years. You  can not get enough pavement, and when there are years between Malkmus records, you try to get the fix elsewhere. I have one here: Chicago bandCLEARANCE and there record "Rapid Rewards". It wil take you rightBACK TO Crooked Rain/ Crooked Rain.

Clearance - Rapid Rewards (2015)

01 Delays Expected/02 You've Been Pre-Approved/03 No Glance You Took/04 Nonplussed/05 Rather Not Bother/06 Parlance Quote/07 Elsewhere Waits/08 Total Closeout/09 Crowded Out Flimsy Maneuver/10 Swiftboating (onto the Rails)/11 Care of the Claims Department/12 Flowers In Epoxy/13 Back of the Yards

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  1. This is new to me and I look forward to giving it a listen. Thanks, studkid!