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Monday, September 19, 2016

Jon S gives us Pylon!

(scott)-AND, I do NOT KNOW Pylon......which, of course, is FUCKING GREAT, my fave submissions
are the ones from which I can learn something.......and Jon S is one of the best when it comes to introducing me to new stuff, hopefully you, let's ALL check out Pylon together and see what's up with that, right?


Gyrate (1980)

01 Cool/02 Dub/03 Volume/04 Feast on my Heart/05 Precaution/06 Weather Radio/07 Juman Body/08 Read a Book/09DRIVING SCHOOL/10 Recent Title/11 Gravity/12 Danger/13 Working is no Problem/14 Stop it/15 Danger/16 Functionality

Chomp (1983)

01 K/02 Yo-Yo/03 Beep/04 Italian Movie Theme/05 Crazy/06 M-Train/07 Buzz/08 No Clocks/09 Reptiles/10 Spider/11 Gyrate/12 Altitude/13 Crazy (Original)/14 Yo-Yo (Pylon Mix)/15 Gyrate (Pylon Mix)/16 Four Minutes

Chain (1990)

01 Look Alive/02 Catch/03 B-Complex/04 Sugarpop/05 There It Is/06 Springtime/07 This, That/08 Go/09 Crunch/10 Very Right/11 Metal/12 Outside/13 Sloganistic

Hits (1988 Compilation)

01 Beep/02 Cool/03 Dub/04 Volume/05 Altitude/06 Gravity/07 Danger/08 Stop It/09 Feast On My Heart/10 M-Train/11 K/12 Drving School/13 Crazy/14 Yo-Yo/15 The Human Body/16 Read A Book/17 No Clocks/18 Recent Title/19 Working Is No Problem/20 Weather Radio

Danceteria, NYC 4/10/82 (early and late shows)

01 intro/02 Crazy/03 Working Is No Problem/04 Read A Book/05 Cool/06 Gravity/07 Altitude/08 Italian Movie Theme/09 Reptiles/10 Beep (early version)/11 Stop It/12 Volume/13 encore applause/14 M-Train/15 Crazy/16 3x3/17 Gravity/18 Dub/19 Cool 1/20 Danger/21 Weather Radio/22 No Clocks/23 Stop It/24 Beep/25 Volume/26 encore applause/27 M-Train/28 Feast on My Heart/29 encore applause/30 Driving School/31 outro

40 Watt Club, Athens GA 12/31/04

01 Cool/02 Dub/03DRIVING SCHOOL/04 Volume/05 Italian Movie Theme/06 Fluorescence/07 Beep/08 Read a Book/09 Danger/10 Crazy/11 Gravity/12 Working Is No Problem/13 K/14 Feast On My Heart/15 Stop It/16 M-Train/17 Sloganistic


  1. oh thank you ever so much for this I had totally forgotten all about this group I had 'Chain' back in the early nineties but it got lost in transition between flats (along with a few others).

  2. Please, could you re-upload the Chain album, thnx