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Saturday, September 24, 2016


(scott)-Studkid submits a new release from Yak, haven't heard it yet but I do know that their past work I have heard was some top notch stoner rock......thanks again Studkid!
-Just discover this record from Yak. Its been long time since I last been so exstatic around a record. A tongue-in-cheek blend of punk, noisemusic, psycedlic and etc...


1Victorious (National Anthem)1:57
2Hungry Heart2:53
3Use Somebody2:37
4(Interlude I)1:06
5Roll Another3:46
6Curtain Twitcher2:12
7Take It3:47
8Harbour The Feeling3:40
9Alas Salvation1:10
11Doo Wah3:22
12(Interlude II)2:17
13Please Don't Wait For Me5:08
14All You Need Is A Stranger2:45 

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