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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Welcome back to Studkid, with a great album from Berseark

(scott) haven't heard from my foreign correspondent/hard rock dude Studkid in a while, he shows up with a great one from the Danish band Berseark.........I have heard this one, and you guys that love the hard/heavy/stoner rock (as you know I do) will love this, as long as the non-english vocals don't bother you (by now, they shouldn't!)......pretty damn good album!
----------------------------------------------------There is nothing like, when bands sing in there native tongue in a typical english dominated musicgenre. Besærk, a danish band from Århus, playing a riff heavy sludge/stoner: With a great singer and great danish lyrics iam blissed.

SomeFREE demos on:


  1. De Glemte
  2. Dæmring
  3. Nordenvind
  4. Den Blinde Fører Den Blinde
  5. Nattesyn
  6. Mørke
  7. Himlen Skælver
  8. Ulm
  9. Frost & Flammen

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