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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Gants

(scott)-From that deep, deep John N collection comes a classic garage rock compilation from the Gants. They were from the Greenwood area and are best known for their single "I Wonder".....the band was composed of  singer/guitarist Johnny Greenwood, singer/guitarist Side Herring, bassist Vince Montgomery, drummer Don Wood, and guitarist Johnny Sanders.....pretty much they banged out some pretty standard "Nuggets" era garage/pop, nothing spectacular, but as with so much of the wonderful music of that era, perfectly listenable and enjoyable. Thanks once more to link-fuhrer John N! By the way, this is a sort-of special expanded edition of the band's career retrospective, as it includes over 30 tracks......John N, PLEASE never leave us, you provide such wonderful links and, I'll speak for the readership, it NO QUESTION is appreciated!!!!!!

I WONDER 1965-67-01 I Wonder/02 Just a Good Show/03 I Don't Want to See Her Again/04 I Want Your Lovin'/05 Drifter's Sunrise/06 Little Boy Sad/07 Six Days In May/08 Somebody Please/09 (You Can't Blow) Smoke Rings/10 Greener Days/11 My Baby Don't Care/12 Never Go Right/13 Please Tell Me Why/14 Hungry/15 Bad Boy/16 Summertime Blues/17 You Better Run/18 Spoonful of Sugar/19 One Track Mind/20 Try Too Hard/21 Good Lovin'/22 Rain/23 Crackin Up/24 Dance Last Night/25 Dr Feelgood/26 I'm a Snake/27 Oh Yeah/28 Kicks/29 Out of Sight/30 Roadrunner

Typical anthology of a garage-band of the era, tons of cover versions, etc......still, worth a listen if you are a fan of the Nuggets-style rock that I happen to could do a LOT worse!



  2. Thanks! I've heard a few of these tracks
    before, but now I notice that "I Wonder" is a surprisingly good pop song (I mean, coming from one of those fairly typical 60s garage bands).

    Crab Devil

  3. por favor sube otra vez el archivo el link esta caido