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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Something I'm guessing you can't find just anywhere

I really can't believe I've never posted this before, but I can't find any record of it.......this is SO fucking
great, that some of you will think I am losing what is left of my finer marbles......but this is one of those posts that is for "the rest of us", and you (assuming that you ARE one of "the rest of us") will bu stunned and amazed when you hear these ass-kicking radio ads (ca. 1950's) for nuclear fallout shelters! The whole thing is probably 5 minutes in length, but this is a fucking hoot no matter how ya slice it, in my book anyway.

Hey, THIS is the kid of cool shit that I wish I could trip over every day, I've had this one forever (wish I could credit the source, but I'm afraid it's long forgotten) and, maybe just maybe, this can be one of "those" post that separates "us" from the "regular folks", like the people who don't even find "Metal Machine Music" to be an all-time life changing classic (they DO exist, as amazing as that might be).......

If you care (I don't), here are the "titles" of the tracks, each clocks in at less than a minute:

01 Maximum Protection (General)/02 Comparison/03 value/04 Equipment/05 DYS/06 Maximum Protection (Steel and Concrete)/07 DYS (short)/08 Maximum Protection (Steel and Concrete) (short)/09 Maximum Protection (General) (Short)

Hey, let's be careful out there, it's a dangerous world in which we live!



  2. This just in: Radiation levels at Fukushima Can Now Kill You Within 45 minutes

  3. With Hillary chomping at the bit to start a war with Russia, probably a timely post.

  4. I was born in'51 so I'm sure I must have heard some of these or maybe the Canadian equivalent but I don't recall. I do recall the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. We had 'emergency drills' in which we all crawled under our desks and held tightly to the desk legs to prevent the desk from moving from over us. I remember at one point while a Russian ship was headed toward the US ships blockading Cuba going to bed and not knowing whether I would wake up in the morning. But I did wake up, the Russian ship turned around, missiles on both sides were 'removed' and my class of fellow 11 year olds stopped hiding under our desks. Many years later I read a magazine article that listed Winnipeg [my home town in Manitoba, about 60 miles North of North Dakota] as #13 on the Russian missile target list in North America because of our east-west-south rail connections. With that revelation I decided there would be no hiding place that could save me. If the bomb ever comes I'm going outside to watch the fireworks. This should be a fun listen. I have a few younger friends/relative that should hear this too. Many thanks.


    1. Thanks Brian wonderful response! -scott