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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Authority Zero

Ok, no one can accuse me of slacking, here is one more for today....from 2004, a pretty fair punk album from Authority Zero ("Andiamo")'s pretty fair, containing the single "Revolution" as well as a rather bizarre cover of Wall of Voodoo's "Mexican Radio" with revised lyrics.......anyway, it's pretty good, I listened to it again a couple weeks back and it's not to bad.......enjoy, see ya tomorrow, MAYBE not with as many posts as today, but we shall see....

ANDIAMO-01 Painted Windows/02 Revolution/03 Find Your Way/04 Madman/05 Taking on the Road/06 Retreat1/07 Society's Sequence/08 A Thousand Years War/09 Mexican Radio/10 Chile Con Crudo/11 Solitude/12 Siempre Loco/13 PCH 82/14 Hidden Track

See ya tomorrow!



  2. I remember that release. I used to like Siempre Loco.