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Monday, September 26, 2016

Zane Drake-This is totally Badass IMO.......

From the deep stash of John N comes a great album, IMO, Zane Drake is one badass motherfucker........I don't really feel like going into a hell of a lot of detail about this, this motherfucker kicks serious no-questions asked ass.......great album.

AMERICAN VENUS-01Intro X/02 American Venus/03 Stingray/04 Out There Man/05 Cruel Magneto/06 My Favorite Drug/07 I'm a Mess/08 Overblown/09 F-Engine/10 Gigantic/11 Clam Fed Baby/12 Weatheramaker/13 Creamed/14 Stranglehorse/15 Queen of Reno/16 Killer Jones/17 Mind If I Join You/18 Honeygunn

TREMENDOUS ALBUM, one of the years best..........I really like this one, and this will almost certainly make the year-end top 20....fab album, please don't miss it it's really great!

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