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Friday, September 30, 2016

Nikki Hill

Actually just stumbled over this by accident (what will I do when Pirate Bay goes away totally?)......Nikki
Hill is a black chick, fine singer, but like Nona Hendryx decades before her, she will likely find that there is not a lot of commercial potential for black chicks in the hard rock arena.......

But, not that I personally care."Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists" reminds me a good bit of that great Nona Hendryx album (check archive, likely still there) from years back (which I LOVED and still do).......same concept here, big piped black chick singing in front of a pretty generic hard-rock band. It fucking DOES work for me, actually, think it came out in 2015, so it's pretty fresh, and I will guess it probably sank without much of a trace. Still, it's a pretty fair album, that is coming from someone who is still looking everyday for new sources of hard rock n roll stuff, and if it requires a black babe to put out some good stuff, so be it.

Good album in my opinion.......most all of the tracks have a nice, swinging/rocking groove, the band is competent, and noone would argue, I dona't think, that Ms. Hill is a fine singer who really CAN rock out. There are some damn good tracks here, the title track, "Scratch Back", her very cool cover or "Twistin' the Night Away"........hell, easilly a three star effort, and I suppose I could possibly even go 3.5.

Well, fuck, I always love when I accidentally trip over something like this, a serendipitous discovery, and one that I've been enjoying for the last hour or two. Hey, you like hard rocking music? Here's a cool slab of it. I'd personally advise you don't miss this one, it's quite good.

HEAVY HEARTS, HARD FISTS-01 Heavy Hearts Hard Fists/02 Oh My/03 Struttin/04 And I Wonder/05 (Let Me Tell You Bout) Luv/06 I'm Gonna Love You/07 Hotshot/08 Mama Wouldn't Like it/09 Nothin With You/10 Scratch Back/11 Twistin the Night Away



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