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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kraftwerk I

Let's shift gears completely, I don't post nearly enough of the classic Krautrock of the early 70's, and I really do both love it and have a tonne of it that I haven't posted yet......anyway, I always thought the first Kraftwerk album (this one) was kind of under-appreciated, I liked it more than some of their other works which many seem to prefer.

Kraftwerk at this stage of the game were keyboard whiz/guitarist Ralf Hutter, flute player/violinist Florian Schneider, and, on this album, a pair of drummers, Andreas Hohmann and Klaus Dinger (they do not play "together", one plays on two tracks and the other plays on the other two)........the drums, however, do lend a hard, more rocking edge to the music than Kraftwerk would become known for on their later work. The opener, "Ruckzuck", is my personal fave Kraftwerk tune, really great with some fine guitar and violin, the whole album, though, is quite interesting and, I think, in the context of their latter releases, overlooked........I've got some more Kraftwerk, if there is a huge demand for a gigantic Krautrock flood (I have a lot but I'd need some help, my fave Krautrock bands, just so ya know, are Jane and Krokodil.......), we'll get it done, I posted the "Music For Your Brain" or whatever it's called series long ago, I'm sure they are long gone but THAT is a fine Krautrock comp........perhaps, just perhaps, I will dig those out again. Depends on my mood, I suppose.

KRAUTROCK I-01 Ruckzuck/02 Stratovarius/03 Megahertz/04 Von Himmel Hoch

I know there are a lotta Krautrock fans that read here......I am NO EXPERT, but I do love some of the stuff......anybody out there wanna become my "Krautrock Go-to Guy"? Hell, you may as well if you have some rare/cool shit......if not, so it be, I'll just post it whenever my brain sends me in that direction!



  2. Wow -- a Jane fan. I thought I was the only one! Thanks for the heads-up on Krokodil. I'd never heard of them before, so now have something to look forward to listening to. Seriously, though, an image search for "krokodil" yields all kinds of fucked-up shit.

    Anyway, it may interest you to know that Klaus Dinger (along with Michael Rother, who also played with Kraftwerk) went on to form the ultra-trendy krautrock band Neu! There's a nice reference to them on the Ciccone Youth Whitey Album, which you posted the other day (great Sonic Youth post, by the way -- really epic).

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