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Friday, September 30, 2016

From an Anonymous source, Pixies boots

(scott)-Yesterday's Pixies post was accompanied by a request for any additional Pixies boots that were out
there, and wouldn't you know Anonymous (same Anonymous of REM bootlegs fame) sends us a handful of them. Can't attest to the quality, just got them in the past hour or so, so obviously haven't heard them yet.....but when someone submits the goods, I try to get them up quickly, besides going for pure bulk on the post counts for September, so I need to get a few up today......also be sure and check Brian's fab Cohen Covers project, another brilliant labor-of-love from the world's foremost covers-project expert!

Live @ Madrid Sala Universal 09/17/90-01 Cecilia Ann/02 Debaser/03 Rock Music/04 Hang Wire/05 Dead/06 There Goes My Gun/07 Monkey Gone to Heaven/08 Isla De Encanta/09 (cut) Into the White/10 Cactus/11 Hey/12 Gigantic/13 Crackity Jones/14 Dig For Fire/15 Dancing the Manta Ray/16 Gouge Away/17 Here Comes Your Man/18 Velouria-The Happening/19 Allison

Live @ BBC Maida Vale Studios 09/26/13-01 Bone Machine/02 Break My Body/03 Monkey Gone to Heaven/04 Bagboy/05 I'v Been Tired/06 Hey/07 Indie Cindy/08 Gouge Away/09 Havalina/10 Velouria/11 Mr. Grieves/12 Another Toe in the Ocean/13 What Goes Boom/14 Isla de Encanta/15 Winterlong/16 here Comes Your Man/17 Vamos/18 Where Is My Mind/19 In Heavaen (Lady in the Radiator Song)/20 Andro Queen

Live @ Glastonbury Festival 06/16/89-01 Bone Machine/02 Cactus/03 Caribou/04 Crackity Jones/05
Dead/06 Debaser/07 Gigantic/08 Gouge Away/09 Hey/10 The Holiday Song/11 I Bleed/12 Isla de Encanta/13 Levitate Me/14 Mr. Grieves/15 Monkey Gone to Heaven/16 Nimrod's Son/17 No. 13 Baby/18 River Euphrates/19 Tame/20 There Goes My Gun/21 Vamos/22 Wave of Mutilation/23 Where Is My Mind?

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