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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Jon S presents an all-time great rock n roll classic

Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music" is one of the greatest rock albums ever created, by anyone......if you've
never heard it, RUN, don't walk, to the nearest computer and download this absolute masterpiece. Every second of this album brings a new surprise, there is (really) NOTHING like it in the history of recorded rock.

"Metal Machine Music" is a double disc set, I happen to have both a vinyl copy and a CD version, and it is so great that EVERYONE should have both in case one wears out. It's that good. You will NEVER hear anything that can compare with this, the brilliant instrumentation, the amazing continutity that keeps you riveted, the amazing production values, among the best in rock history........if you have never heard this, your life is about to change for the better......and of course, if you HAVE heard it before, you'll want to keep quiet, so as not to ruin the incredible listening experience that is in store for the virgin ears that will be taking in this all-time classic.

I cannot say enough about this incredible, unique album......often it is said that an album sounds like "nothing else" in rock, this one puts that expression to the test. Never have you heard anything CLOSE to this, nor, likely, will you again......of course, I need to thank Jon S for contributing this masterpiece, but, as I said, I myself have both vinyl and CD copies of this gem, it is THAT good.

Remember, if you have never heard this, your life is about to have never heard ANYTHING this incredible......if you HAVE heard it, of course, you will WANT TO REMAIN QUIET so as not to spoil what is about to happen to all those lucky folks hearing this masterpiece for the first time. Myself, I LOVE side three, it's (IMO) the most amazing of the four, but they are all brilliant........this is a lucky day for some of you, if you get to hear this work of brilliance for the first me, it'll be like drawing a before/after line in your very life, it is THAT significant and life changing.

THE single most important link on which you will ever click, your life is about to change!


  1. Hell: I have the original stereo vinyl version, the vinyl quad version, the Japanese mini lp cd version, the original cassette AND the original 8 track! So, in all seriousness: which version is uploaded here? Is it both the vinyl and cd version or just one of them (the description does not make that very clear). Thanks.

  2. I believe Lester said it best:

  3. Hush- you can hear the distant hum of amino acids catalyzing

  4. You could listen to 25 years of Sonic Youth, or get it all distilled into one dissonant hour with Metal Machine Music.

    You can get an original pressing of this on ebay for $50 and up