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Friday, September 30, 2016

Lewdd's Buzzcocks Boots Just Keep Coming!

(scott)-Here come four more Buzzcocks boots from great blog-friend Lewdd, haven't listened as these are
mostly latter-day efforts (except. of course, that slamming 1977 Electric Circus show!)  which I wouldn't really (personally) expect that much from, but I'm still happy to put them up as I know there are hardcore Buzzcocks fans out there who are going to want them all......there is still I think one more batch of them to go, THEN we'll move on to some Pistols or Damned or something, Lewdd sent me  TON of boots to share with you guys! be sure and thank him if you indulge!

JONESY'S JUKEBOX INDIE 103 FM 05/12/06-(Ten tracks, unlabeled......hey I can do them QUICKY or I can do them ACCURATELY.......todxay we are going for QUICKLY!)

LIECESTER 08/2006 -01 On Stage/02 Flat pack Philosophy/03 Wish I Never Loved You/04 Sell You Everything/05 I Don't Mind/06 Harmony In My Head/07 Autonomy/08 Why Can't I Touch It/09 Noise Annoys/10 Breakdown/11 I Don't Know What to Do With My Life/12 Oh Shit!/13 Orgasm Addict/14 Ever Fallen in Love/15 Sick City Sometimes/16 Promises/17 Love You More/18 What Do I Get/19 Fast Cars/20 Boredom

SUMMER SUNDAE. LIECESTER, 8/13/06-01 Sick City Sometimes/02 Fast Cars/03 Boredom/04 Ever Fallen in Love/05 Wish I never Loved You/06 Sell You Everything/07 I Don't Mind/08 I Don't Know What to Do With My Life/09 Noise Annoys/10 Breakdown/11 Promises/12 Love You More/13 What Do I Get

ELECTRIC CIRCUS MANCHESTER 10/2/77-01 Fast Cars/02 Fiction Romance/03 Boredom/04 Sixteen/05 You Tear Me Up/06 Orgasm Addict/07 Moving Away From the Pulsebeat/08 Love Battery/09 Time's Up






  2. Thanks for this! Perfect timing, I am going to see them in NYC tomorrow night.