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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Madame Angela presents "Drums of a Nation" (John Richardson)

Madame Angela gave me this one to listen to today, more of the native American music which she loves and finds inspirational. I have to say, like the previous (Robert Mirabel) post, I enjoyed this MUCH more than I expected to. Split into two halves, the first (I prefer) is entitled "Thunder Dreams", and with it's weird sound effects and strange time changes, it damn near (to me on first listen) borders on classic psychedelic rock, it's around 23 minutes and seemed to breeze by in about ten. Same for the second side, "Rainmaker", my knowledge of this kind of thing is limited to zero, I assume this is some sort of rain-prayer or close approximation, again, wicked sound effects and the incredible pacing of the drums works out REALLY well, hell, this could be a great lost album by Pink Floyd or something, and I mean that as a compliment.

I will have to see if Angie has the "Celtic Drums" set, that sounds pretty cool, and there is some more of his stuff floating around out there. I have been apprehensive, but I have really enjoyed (so far) ALL of the music that Angie has submitted for our approval here, there is a LOT more and she walks it like she talks it, the stuff she listens to is most generally intertwined with her pagan/witch lifestyle, which I am trying to learn more about each day. Yes, I do love the woman, but I would NOT be bashful about saying this stuff sucked, IF i thought it did......but I don't. The stuff she has turned me on, which is stuff she thought would be appreciated by some in blog-world (and it has), has thusfar been stuff that I have really enjoyed from a simple listening standpoint, as well as from a scholarly point of view.

And that is saying a lot. Thanks Angie, this is another good post, IMO at least, and I know you will be sharing a lot more in the future (really, she has some great stuff, and relax, I won't violate the "no Grateful Dead" rule, not even for her. Just glad I have her in my life, also glad to have her views and very different, individual musical tastes to share on the blog, another fantastic team member that makes this blog the unique piece of work that, at least, I think it is........

DRUMS OF A NATION-01 Thunder Dreams/02 Rainmaker

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