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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wrapping up John N's Descendents stuff

I screwed this up yesterday and posted a bunch of albums I had already put up, well, whatever, this was a
find submission pretty much tracking the complete (official) recorded efforts by the great Descendents, grandfathers of all modern-day brattish-punk rock.

The reason I wish to wrap up John N's submittal is Lewdd (you may have checked his fab "Under the Covers" comps he put up yesterday) has sent me a BUNCH (and I do mean a BUNCH) of Descendents' boots, which will work as a perfect compliment to John N's see? All these fantastic contributors, their work all fits together and works perfectly. Lewdd seems to be something of a punk fanatic, maybe, and,  if he wishes to contribute regularly, perhaps he has a bunch of "out there" punk stuff that we don't know of yet......and God only knows, THAT is why we are all here, right?

OK, but I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, as I want to post the remainder of John N's submittal. John N did a great job on this, the Descendents are/were a band that was in serious need of documentation on this site. Now that we have THAT wrapped up, I'll occasionally drop in a cluster of boots to round this thing out.


SOMERY-01 All/02 My Dad Sucks/03 Suburban Home/04 Silly Girl/05 Kids/06 Clean Sheets/07 Sour Grapes/08 Seinerschnitzel/09 Myage/10 Good Good Thing/11 Van/12 Bikeage/13 Enjoy/14 Theme/15 Coolidge/16 I like Food/17 I Wanna Be a Bear/18 I Don't Want to Grow Up/19 Cheer/20 Pervert/21 Hope/22 All-O-Gistics/23 I'm Not a Loser/24 Get the Time/25 Hul' rtin' Crul' e/26 Cameage/27 Descendents/28 No!

RAREAGE!-B SIDES AND RARITIES COMP-01 Like the Way I Know (outtake)/02 Doug Rides a Skateboard/03 Veni Vidi Veci (Outtake)/04 Silver (live)/05 Silence (demo)/06 Lucky (b side)/07 Shattered Milo (b side)/08 Gotta (b side)/09 Grand Theme (B side)/10 Sad State of Affairs (from "Rock Against Bush: collection)

TWO THINGS AT ONCE (MILO GOES TO COLLEGE/BONUS FAT)-01 Myage/02 I Wanna Be a Bear/03 I'm Not a Loser/04 Parents/05 Tonyage/06 M-16/07 I'm Not a Punk/08 Catalina/09 Suburban Home/10 Statue of Liberty/11 kabuki Girl/12 marriage/13 Hope/14 Bikeage/15 jean Is Dead/16 My Dad Sucks/17 Mr. Bass/18 I Like Food/19 Hey hey/20 Weinerschnitzel/21 Global Probing/22 Ride the Wild/23 It's a Hectic World

ALL/LIVE PLUS ONE DISC 1-01-Fairweather Friend/02 Skin Deep/03 Can't Say/04 She Broke My
Dick/05 Until I Say So/06 Crucifiction/07 Breakin Up/08 Better Than That/09 Bubblegum/10 Honeypeeps/11 She's My Ex/12 World's On Heroin/13 Birds/14 I Want Out/15 Educated idiot/16 Birthday IOU/17 Carnage/18 'cause/19 Self Righteous/20 Teresa/21 Hate to Love/22 Carry You

ALL/LIVE PLUS ONE DISC 2-01 My Dad Sucks/02 I'm the One/03 Hope/04 Thank You/05 M-16/06 Mr. Bass/07 Weinerschnitzel/08 Original Me/09 I Like Food/10 Silly Girl/11 Coffee Mug/12 Get the Time/13 Myage/14 Cheer/15 We/16 Everything Sux/17 This Place/18 Van/19 Bikeage/20 All-O-Gistics/21 Catalina

Great submission, John N, quite a comprehensive take on an often overlooked and underappreciated 9for their influence on Green Day, among many others)........hope long time fans have filled in the gaps, pups have found a new band to groove on, and EVERYONE who enjoys the Descendents will be seriously into the series of bootlegs coming your way, compliments of new contributor Lewdd......look for them to begin SOON!

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