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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

John N sends additional Buffalo albums

(scott) I had mentioned that Buffalo made an album or two after the ones I featured, and, as usual, the team
does not disappoint......I have never heard them, of course, and have publicly doubted the quality of them, but then what do I know......they ARE pretty rare, in the sense that I have never seen them, so THAT's something, and I will listen to them this week, and perhaps they rock like a motherfucker.......thanks tons John N, also thanks for the INCREDIBLE Radio Moscow (one of my VERY faves,that post coming SOON!)

MOTHERS CHOICE-01 Long Time Gone/02 Honey Babe/03 Taste it Don't Waste It/04 Little Queenie/05 Lucky/06 Essukay/07 Sweet Little Sixteen/08 Be Alright

AVERAGE ROCK N ROLLER-01 You Say/02 Rollin'/03 Average Rock N Roller/04 Hotel Ladies/05 Bad News/06 Sailor/07 Rhythm Madness/08 Hero Suite: (I) Lend Me Your Ears (II) Crying Out For Help (III) Between the Line

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