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Friday, September 23, 2016

The Refused

One of my own, a great album from Sweden's hardcore punk bad asses The Refused.......I don't have their other discs, but I think this is the one that matters, blistering hardcore post-punk.......I was actually looking for something else and it dawned upon me that I don't think I've ever put this up before, this is a BAD ASS album, trust me, you'll LOVE this one!

THE SHAPE OF PUNK TO COME-01 Worms of The Senses/Faculties 0/02 Liberation Frequency/03 the Deadly Rhythm/04 Summerholiday/05 British Holiday No. 5/06 New Noise/07 The Refused Party Program/08 Protest Song '68/09  Refused Are Fuckin Dead/10 The Shape of Punk To Come/11 Tannahuser/Derive/12 The Apollo Programme Was a Hoax



  2. Awsome scott i've had this one (and nothing else by them) since i picked it up for $2 at a garage sale. The swedes do some good music.

  3. An earlier Refused record newly posted:

  4. An earlier Refused record newly posted: