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Saturday, September 24, 2016

A pair of Studkid submittals for today

(scott)-First up we have Wicked Studkid will tell you they never made a "real" release, and for
reasons I don't recall I think I have some of this stuff around here. Pretty certain I've not posted them before though so here ya go, thanks to Studkid, and see above for his other great post from today! Love the covers!

Wicked Lady play some simpel straightforeward raw proto-metal. They never have a real release, so these Cd's are more or less compilation of rehearsals. Read the idnterview with Mark Weaver from the band here:

Wicked Lady - 1993 - The Axeman Cometh (Previously unreleased sessions recorded 1969-1972):!awRXkZyZ!rRixEwlB_7iaXXk7rnwdDA
Wicked Lady - 1994 - Psychotic Overkill (Recorded 1972):!PtoGXCqL!v3Y0fVAKQIuqiV9XhlDqtQ

Wicked Lady - 1995 - Blow Your Mind! (Recorded 1972):!HkJAXYAZ!p-FOlPv-IWBUqFxjQSvxMA

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