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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Home stretch for The Doors (Part 25!)

Getting down to the end of The Doors thing, finally, tonight's Doors post, is WAY cool, it is the singles of the pre-Doors Rick and the Ravens......I've put them together in a semi-"album" kind of thing....I know The Doors thing is probably getting old to you (it is to ME), but we have only a few things left, and the Rick & th Ravens thing is a true rarity/gem. Doors fanatics, this is one you want, don't ask me for it next year when the link is long dead. If you are a huge Doors fan, likely, VERY likely you want this.......

RICK & THE RAVENS SINGLES-01 Big Bucket 'T'/02 Rampage/03 Circle Twist/04 Blow Top/05 Henrietta/06 Just For You/07 Geraldine/08 Soul Train