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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

All Them Witches (part 1) a great share from John N

(scott)-From nashville come the totally groovy All Them Witches, who specialize in a sort of
stoner/pyschedelta blues (their terminology)......the band consists of  guitaarist Ben McLeod, drummer Robby Staebler, bassist/vocalist Michael Parks, and keyboardist Allqan Van Cleave......quite a unique sound if you are unfamiliar, I think most readers here will likely enjoy them if they are unfamiliar.

MOST if not all of their stuff is here, good, loud, rocking, and with a certainly identifiable Southern touch.......pretty damn great stuff, and thanks as always to link-meister John N!

OUR MOTHER ELECTRICITY-01 Heavy Like a Witch/02 The Urn/03 Bloodhounds/04 Guns/05 Elk Blood Heart/06 Until It Unwinds/07 Easy/08 Family Song For the Leaving/09 Right Hand


LIGHTNING AT THE DOOR-01 Funeral For a GreatDrunkn Bird/02 When God Comes Back/03  The Marriage of the Coyote Woman/04 Swallowed By the Sea/05 Charles William/06 The Death of Coyote Woman/07 Romany Dagger/08 Mountain/09 Romany Dagger (Remended)/10 Surface to Air Whistle

EFFERVESCENT EP-01 Effervescent/02 Tnecsevrffe

A SWEET RELEASE EP-01 It Moved We Moved: Almost There: A Spider's Gift/02 Howdy Hoodee Slank/04 Interstate Beach Party/05 Sweet Bear

DYING SURFER MEETS HIS MAKER-01 Call Me Star/02 El Centro/03 Dirt Preachers/04 This is Where It Falls Apart/05 Mellowing/06 Open Passageways/07 Instrumental 2 (Welcome to the Caveman Future)/08 Talisman/09 Blood and Sand/Milk and Endless Waters

Part two coming soon with lots of live, and other lookin'!


  1. our mother





  2. great band saw them this year in deventer Holland thanx!!

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