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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sex Pistols-Raw and Live

The Pistols released such a limited amount of material that it is damn near (deliberatly) comical (Wittness: :Flogging a Dead Horse")....anyway, ANY Pistols recordings are considered something of a treasure, I have a couple shelves full of them BUT there is so much overlap that it really is, well, flogging a dead horse......

That being said, on occasion I do like to drag out a Pistols disc, just to make certain you are still paying attention.....pretty sure I have never posted "Raw and Live", which was released officially in 2004 but contains some classic-era Pistols, and the second disc (the real 'find" here), is an "All-Sid" release......yes, we all know Sid was a no-talent sod, BUT he was REPRESENTATIVE of what the Pistols were about.......and they were 'about" NOTHING........hard to explain if you weren't there, but, damnit, we WERE there, weren't we?  And anything we can salvage from those glorious mid-late 70's has GOT to be better than the world in which we currently live.....right? I mean, either Hillary Clinton or (Good GOD) Donald trump IS going to be your next President. Does that scare you? I hope so, because it should. people who dis the 1970's need a reality check when they realize the world as we know it is basically coming to an end.

Anyway, that isn't what my blog is about, it's more about MUSIC, sometimes, though, I allow reality to creep in......anyway, enjoy this set....GOD BLESS the Sex Pistols, the 1970's, marijuana from Mexico, and horny women on quaaludes who would fuck the world better NOW than it was then? You can decide, but I think you could guess MY answer.

DISC 1-01 Pretty Vacant/02 No Feelings/03 I Wanna Be Me/04 I'm a Lazy Sod/05 Submission/06 C'mon Everybody/07 Search and Destroy/08 Anarchy In the UK/09 Satellite/10 Don't Give Me No Lip Child/11 Bill Grundy Interview

DISC 2-01 Somethin' Else/02 C'mon Everybody/03 Stepping Stone/04 No Lip/05 I Wanna Be Your Dog/06 Belsen Was a Gas/07 Chatterbox/08 Tight Pants/09 My Way/10 Search and Destroy/11 My Way (alternate version)



  2. I probably have 100 bootleg shows of the Sex Pistols. I think everyone know to man that was ever recorded. A bit young to see them in the 70's when they were in the USA, but I did get to see them 2x on their reunions.