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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Female Metal Power, Volume 1

OK, just about freaked over this, found it on The Pirate bay the other night while just snooping around on
there (and, while we still HAVE a Pirate Bay, I recommend doing the same, you can find amazing things, sometimes, simply amazing).......

Let me lay this out. We have three "Volumes", I have NO CLUE how many discs each would comprise, but I'd say 2-3 discs per volume? maybe? I don't know, I wonder how many burn to disc anymore anyway, but this is a MONSTER......chick-fronted metal bands, which, for the most part, I have never heard of (Evanesence and a couple of others are here).

I LOVE chicks doing some metal screaming.......they always seems so dominant as well as ready to get down to buisness, and what the fuck means more than THAT? Remember, this mountain of estrogen-screaming is only part ONE of THREE, so I hope you are ready for this.....I am excited, I half carpet-bombed, half listened to this whole thing today, MY kinda shit, for sure.......I mean, metal? chicks? Geez, why not include some crablegs, stratomatic baseball, and pain meds, we'd have the complete package.

This is, I am guessing, a homemade comp (the BEST KIND), due to the (somewhat annoying, to be honest) practice of sequencing in alphabetical order, for some reason that just irks me a bit, but it's well worth it for the great shit you are going to get here........DO NOT MISS THESE THREE GREAT VOLUMES of the SUPERIOR gender screaming out the music they were meant to make us fall to our knees with, motherfucking metal.

Volumes 2 and 3 will be coming soon..........but you need to dig up on this one first, don't leave me feeling
unappreciated, I considered this one to be quite a serendipitious find!

Wonder how much I'd have to pay for a sample of all these babe's sweaty, soiled panties? I'm fucking HUNGRY......OK, I'll stop. For now.

FEMALE METAL POWER VOLUME 1-01 AS ANGELS BLEED-A Love Worth Dying For/02 U.N.S.I.N.-Acid/03 IN THIS MOMENT-Adrenalize/04 AMARANTHE-Afterlife/05 AMARANTHE-Amaranthine/06 CRIPPER-Animal of Prey/07 BABYMETAL-Answer For Animation With You/08 EVANESENCE-Anything For You/09 ALL ENDS-Apologize/10 AMARANTHE-Automatic/11 BABYMETAL-Babymetal Death/12 IN THIS MOMENT-Beautiful Tragedy/13 BATTLE BEAST-Black Ninja/14 IN THIS MOMENT-Blood/15 OTEP-Blood Pigs/16 ETHS-Blumiarexia/17 IWRESTLEDABEARONCE-Boat Paddle/18 KITTIE-Brackish/19 EVANESENCE-Bring Me To Life/20 IN THIS MOMENT-Call Me/21 EVANESENCE-Call Me When You're Sober/22 BLOODFLOWERZ-Cold Rain/23 OTEP-Confrontqtion/24 DIAVOLOPERA-Desire/25 ARCH ENEMY-Diva Satanica/26 BABYMETAL-Doki Doki Morning/27 HUNTRESS-Eight of Swords/28 DISTORTED-Escaping the Mind Grind/29 EVANESCENCE-Everybody's Fool/ 30 WITHIN TEMPTATION-Faster/31 SEDUCE THE HEAVEN-Field of Dreams/32 THE MURDER OF MY SWEET-Follow the Rain/33 KITTIE-Funeral For
Yesterday/34 ALL ENDS-Generation Disgrace/35 EVANESCENCE- Going Under/36 BABYMETAL-Headbangeeerrrrrrr/37 SHEAR-Heaven and Hell/38 HALESTORM-I Get Off/39 HALESTORM-I Miss the Misery/40 DEMONIC SYMPHONY-I Owe You Pain/41 BABYMETAL-Ijime, Dame, Zettai/42 SEDUCE THE HEAVEN-Elusive Light/43 FLYLEAF-I'm So Sick/44 THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE-In the Dark/45 NUCLEAR BLAST ALL STARS-In the Picture/46 ICON FOR HIRE-Iodine/47 END OF SEPTEMBER-Isolated/48 HALESTORM-It's Not You/49 CRUCIFIED BARBARA-Killer on His Knees/50 BABYMETAL-Line!/51 THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE-Looking Glass/52 BEAUTIFUL SIN-Lost/53 TYSTNADEN-Lust/54 BABYMETAL-Megitsune/55 HELLARISE-More Mindless
Violence/56 EVANESENCE-My heart is Broken/57 ARCH ENEMY-Nemesis/58 PAMELA MOORE-Paranoia/59 BABYMETAL-Party @ the BBS/60 CLANDESTINE-Philistine/61 IN THIS MOMENT-Prayers/62 DIAVOLOPERA-Princess/63 IMPERIA-Raped Like the Devil/64 SKARLETT RIOT-Rock N Roll Queen/65 TRIAXIS-Sand and Silver/66 DIABULUS IN MUSIC-Sceneries of Hope/67 LAFEE-Shut Up/68 ELYSON-Someplace Better/69 HUNTRESS-Spell Eater/70 THE AGONIST-Thank You Pain/71 IN THIS MOMENT-The Gun Show/72 PAMELA MOORE-The Sky Is Falling/73 LACUNA COIL-Trip the Darkness/74 HOLY MOSES-Undead Dogs/75 ARCH ENEMY-War Eternal/76 WHERE ANGELS FALL-We Are the Gods/77 EVANESENCE-What You Want/78 IN THIS MOMENT-Whore

WOW.....78 tracks and that is just Volume 1......tons of Evanesence, whom you all know, as well as a Lacuna Coil track (a longtime fave of mine) and a few from Kittie (including the fab "Brackish")......someone, don't know who, did a fuck of a lot of work on this thing, AND they did a fabulous job.....I LOVE WOMEN, period, and the more music that anyone can supply by those magnificent creatures the better......

Look forward to Volumes 2/3 in the next few days, and if you are familiar with any of the lesser known bands here and have some of their stuff, by all means, bring it on!


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